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The young and strong faction took over the baton in an all-round way: the core management of Taotian Group was adjusted, and Alibaba CEO Wu Yongming sent a letter to the whole staff.

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Thanks to netizens, soft media users 1353584, Jiayi for the delivery of clues! According to news on December 22, Wu Yongming issued a full letter announcing the latest organizational decision of Taotian Group. Six young management were appointed to lead the key businesses of Taotian Group and report directly to Wu Yongming.

Wu Jia: responsible for the user platform Division and Alimama Business Department, the task is to improve the overall Taobao user experience. Wu Jia was recruited to join Alibaba in 2010 and will continue to serve as president of intelligent information after adjustment.

Chen Weiye: responsible for Taobao Business Department, Taotian Merchant platform Department, customer satisfaction Department, including merchant platform, merchant tools and so on. He is the founder of Xianyu, an idle trading platform.

Liu Bo: responsible for Tmall Business Department, including the operation of Tmall clothing, FMCG and other industries, as well as Tmall International.

Liu Yiman: responsible for M2C business department (factory directly connected to consumers), including self-owned business (Tmall supermarket) and supply business (industrial belt). The former head of direct business.

Wang Tingxiang: in charge of the clothing development department.

Cheng Daofang: responsible for Taobao live broadcast and content business department, business including Taobao live broadcast, click Amoy short video App, shopping and so on. with a full member's letter:

Ladies and gentlemen, Taotian

On behalf of the board of directors of Taotian Group, I announce the following organizational decisions and appointments:

1. Wu Jia leads the user platform Division and Alimama Division.

2. Lead Taobao Business Department, Taotian Merchant platform Department and Taotian customer satisfaction Department

3. Jialuo leads Tmall's business department.

4. Yiman leads the M2C business department.

5. Shaoyou leads the clothing development department

6. Daofang leads Taobao Live and content Business Department.

All the above responsible persons report to me.

Tomorrow's results come from today's changes and actions. Face up to the status quo, re-start a business, let's win the future together!

Wu Yongming

CEO of Alibaba Group

Chairman and CEO of Taotian Group

It is worth noting that the middle and backstage (support line, function line) does not involve business adjustment, and the position of CTO Wu Zeming has not changed. Wu Jia and Chen Weiye were transferred to new positions in Taotian from other business groups.

The new management team of Taotian is almost all post-80s, and the youngest Wang Tingxiang was born in 1987; Wu Jia, born in 1985, is the only management without a nickname.

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