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Representatives of many scenic spots and business leaders came to visit Jimu Galaxy to talk about the new future of digital travel.

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From December 13 to December 15, representatives and business leaders of many cultural tourism scenic spots, such as the South-North Lake Scenic spot in Qiapu Town, China Water margin Park, Wutai Mountain, Yancheng Folk Museum, Xuedoushan, and so on, visited one after another to discuss technical exchanges and in-depth cooperation, and talk about the future development of digital cultural tourism.

Jimu science and technology has attracted much attention because of its strength in many fields, such as meta-universe, artificial intelligence, big data, AIGC and so on. Representatives of all visiting parties said one after another that through exchanges with Jimu Science and Technology, they had a deeper understanding of the great driving force of digital, intelligent and other technological means to the literature and tourism industry.

Jimu Science and Technology: science and Technology helps to lead the Innovation of Digital Literature

At present, the evolution of the global meta-universe industry is accelerating. In order to seize the opportunity to guide the healthy, safe and high-quality development of the meta-universe industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments have issued a three-year action plan for the innovation and development of the meta-universe industry to promote the landing of the meta-universe industrialization. Driven by the development planning of the digital economy, Shanghai has strengthened the full chain layout of meta-cosmic technology, and Jimu technology, as an industry practitioner, has fully played an exemplary and leading role in this process, injecting new impetus into the development of the digital economy.

Shengyang Wuyue (Yuanyu Culture and Travel Division), a subsidiary of Jimu Technology, promotes the high-quality development of the literature and tourism industry by means of digitization, networking, intelligence and so on. Its innovative way of immersive experience and deep interaction between virtual and reality has led to the signing of cooperation with more than 500 scenic spots.

The South and North Lake Scenic spot of Zaopu Town: endowment Integration, gathering strength and win-win situation

Guo Tao, secretary of the party committee and director of the administrative committee of the South-North Lake Scenic spot in Miapu Town, said that intelligent digital travel is an important direction for the rapid development of the current literature and tourism industry, and the state's support for the culture and tourism project, it also allows China's meta-universe literature and tourism industry to develop rapidly on a more standardized road. After an in-depth understanding of the scientific and technological innovation capability of Jimu Technology, and the strong market influence shown by Shengyang Wuyue in signing contracts with more than 500 scenic spots by means of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technological means, what's more, we look forward to jointly promoting the development of the industry through technological integration.

China Water margin Park: work together to help the literature and tourism industry take off

Zhou Hang, representative of the Chinese Water margin Park and deputy mayor of Baiju Town people's Government in Dafeng District, Yancheng City, believes that intelligent digital cultural travel is the key to the rapid development of the industry. Supported by new information technology, the characteristics of digitalization, intelligence, and networking appear, breaking the time and space restrictions of traditional literary travel, and providing tourists with a more intelligent, personalized, and immersive leisure experience. He hopes to reach an in-depth cooperation with Jimu Technology and Shengyang Wuyue to promote the local culture and tourism industry economy and contribute to the common development of the entire culture and tourism industry.

Wutai Mountain Scenic spot: science and technology + culture + art multi-drive combination, strong out of the circle

In the name of Wutai Mountain Scenic spot in Shanxi Province, Mount Wutai has been approved by the State Council to be included in the list of the first batch of national scenic spots, and has won honors such as "National key Scenic spot", "one of the Ten famous Mountains in China", "National Geopark", "National Natural and Cultural double Heritage", "National AAAAA Scenic spot", "World Heritage" and so on.

Wang Zhengsheng, the representative of Wutai Mountain Scenic spot and chairman of Shanxi Wutai Mountain Jinjun Express Public Transport Co., Ltd., stressed the multi-drive linkage of science and technology, culture and art, which empowered the integrated development of literature and tourism. Through the cooperation between the two sides, he hopes to create a more diverse performance content, cooperate with digital technology, redefine the mode of watching the performance, and bring an unprecedented differentiated interactive experience to the audience.

Yancheng Folk Museum: breaking through the Barrier of Science and Technology and Building a Cultural Brigade new business type

Sun Shutian, representative of the Yancheng Folk Museum, deputy secretary of the party work committee of Jianjun Road Commercial Street, and director of the management committee, said that in order to protect the Chinese context, cultural relics need to be brought to life first. Through the use of modern technology, digital storage and virtual reality technology, cooperate to tell the story of Chinese cultural relics, let more users understand the Chinese historical and cultural treasures, and enrich users' literature and travel meta-universe experience. She hopes to promote cooperation opportunities with Shengyang Wuyue and make substantial contributions to the local literature and tourism industry in Yancheng.

Xuedoushan Scenic spot: cross-border Integration and Collaborative Innovation

Qiu Zhaoyong, a representative of Xuedoushan Scenic spot and general manager of Ningbo Zhonglin Forest Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said that digital technology will redefine the performance model and bring unprecedented experience to the audience. Through in-depth cooperation and discussion, both sides are optimistic about the win-win mode of cooperation from cross-border to integration. He hopes to add more science and technology and fashion elements to the Xuedoushan scenic spot, and use the way and creativity of the integration of science and art to attract more young people to pay attention to and visit Xuedoushan.

A number of cultural tourism scenic spots have jointly declared their position and jointly drawn a new blueprint for digital cultural tourism by strengthening technological exchanges and collaborative innovation. The development of intelligent digital travel will bring new momentum to the industry, promote the expansion of new consumption, build the ecological circle of digital culture industry, and improve the overall industrial quality.

With the joint efforts of many parties, through the application of digital science and technology, the literature and travel meta-universe industry will usher in a more prosperous development, providing tourists with a more intelligent, personalized and immersive literature and travel experience, and promoting the high-quality coordinated development of the digital economy.

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