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ArXiv began to provide papers in HTML format for the visually impaired to read.

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Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery! IT House reported on December 22 that arXiv is a well-known paper preprint platform, where researchers can post papers independently without peer review, which is equivalent to "occupying" the ownership of research results.

Today, arXiv officially announced that it will launch papers in HTML format, which is currently in the experimental stage and is only available in new papers, but officials are working hard to introduce it to all arXiv content.

IT House learned from arXiv's official blog that this feature is designed to make it easier for disabled arXiv users to access research papers.

HTML will not replace PDF, but will become an additional format available to arXiv users, and submitters will be invited to preview the HTML version of their paper during submission. When users visit the summary page of the paper, they will see a link to view the HTML paper under the PDF link:

ArXiv officials say the request for this function comes from disabled scientists who face obstacles in obtaining the research they need. Papers in HTML format can be read more easily and accurately through screen readers and other technologies, and can help researchers with dyslexia, including blindness, poor vision, etc.

At present, HTML conversion is in the "experimental" stage, so not all papers can be correctly converted to HTML, and officials will continue to improve the conversion success rate with the help of the community.

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