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Dragonfly FM, selected by 450 million users, is the first to complete the development of Huawei Hongmeng native application Beta!

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On December 20, the audio industry unicorn dragonfly FM and Huawei held the ceremony of "Hongmeng Comprehensive Cooperation and Native Application Beta version Development". Dragonfly FM has officially announced that the development of its native application Beta version of Hongmeng has been successfully completed. This marks that Dragonfly FM has become the first company in the audio field to complete the development of core functional versions, and will continue to promote the research and development of full versions and continue to create an "audible good life" for users.

With the continuous penetration of the mobile Internet into public life, mobile audio is increasingly becoming one of the main choices of leisure and entertainment for modern people. Dragonfly FM is the first online audio platform in China, with a total user scale of more than 450 million and an ecological flow of 130 million monthly active users. At the content level, the platform includes 1500 radio stations across the country, with more than 350000 certified anchors, covering fine content in many fields, such as culture, finance and economics, science and technology, music, audio books and so on, to help users listen to the voices of the world. Since its launch in 2011, Dragonfly FM has led similar products in user volume and is recognized as a leading brand in online audio market share by a number of third-party data institutions.

After launching Hongmeng native application development, Dragonfly FM will make full use of HarmonyOS's native intelligence and full scene advantages to provide users with information flow and connection on mobile phones, tablets, cars and other multi-terminal devices, and provide "appropriate" audio services, so as to meet the growing "personalized" audio needs of users. At the same time, based on the distributed technology of HarmonyOS, Dragonfly FM will realize the efficient development mode of "one development, multiple deployment" and save development cost.

Wang Lei, CEO of Dragonfly FM, said in his speech that Dragonfly FM has always regarded Huawei as an important partner and is looking forward to witnessing and participating in the prosperous growth of Hongmeng ecosystem. In the future, dragonfly FM will also go all out to participate in the development and construction of Hongmeng ecology, providing users with better mobile audio services and creating richer entertainment experience. At the meeting, the two sides also reached a consensus that dragonfly FM and Huawei will continue to build Hong Meng in parallel. The two sides will not only be mobile, but also explore multi-scenario Hongmeng development strategies such as PC, vehicle, and smart wearable devices, so as to provide users with a high-quality ecological service experience in the whole scene, and work together to witness the future.

Wu Hao, president of Huawei Interactive Media Corps CEO and Huawei Terminal Cloud Service Interactive Media BU, said that dragonfly FM, as the first partner in the industry to complete the development of Beta version of Hongmeng native application, will achieve efficient connection between content and target audience in Hongmeng ecology, and better promote the accurate distribution of platform traffic, so as to achieve sustained and steady traffic growth. It can also provide Hongmeng users with richer and more diversified audio services. We are convinced that with the profound accumulation and professionalism of dragonfly FM in the network audio industry, combined with the strong full-scene advantages of Hongmeng system, we will be able to explore new traffic and business opportunities and achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win future.

Since Huawei announced that HarmonyOS NEXT is ready and Hongmeng native applications are fully launched, more and more industry leaders have joined Hongmeng Ecology to accelerate the process of "Hongmeng Qianfan".

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