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The reporting Center of the Central Internet Information Office accepts and deals with a number of fraud websites of counterfeit enterprises in accordance with the law, including Alipay, Taobao, Huawei, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 22, recently, there are lawbreakers imitating the official websites of some enterprises in China, using similar web page logos and contents as fake and genuine, "high returns", "low-priced goods" and "refund clearing" as bait to induce netizens to visit illegal websites or download fraudulent App, defraud personal sensitive information, lure money transfers, and carry out fraudulent activities.

The reporting center of the Central Internet Information Office accepts relevant reports from netizens in a timely manner, and counterfeit fraud websites include Ant Technology Group, Alipay, Taobao, Huawei and so on. is accompanied by fraudulent means commonly used by counterfeit websites:

Embezzlement of regular website information content

Lawbreakers falsely use corporate brand names and trademarks, steal public information released by regular websites, and set up false websites, which are basically the same as regular websites. If you encounter this kind of website, you should carefully verify the authenticity of the URL and filing information.

Economic interests are seductive

Counterfeit fraud websites often tempt netizens to register and recharge by organizing refund settlement, selling low-priced goods, fabricating "high return" investment dividend projects, falsely claiming fast claim settlement, and providing channels for recharging at low prices. Participate in investment and consumption activities.

Obtain personal information

Counterfeit fraud websites often lure netizens into providing personal information such as identity number, mobile phone verification code, bank card account and password on the grounds of cash transfer, subsidy, registration cancellation and so on.

Impersonate customer service to induce money transfer

Counterfeit fraud websites will also set up a false customer service system, in the name of after-sales service and helping to solve order problems, further contact with netizens to induce netizens to transfer money and implement fraud.

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