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Can't you make boutique coffee? Xiao Xiong Electric Grinding Integrated Coffee Machine: cups are of high quality

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"what flows in other people's bodies is blood, and what flows in my body is coffee." Coffee Star people's daily life, after getting up, first use the coffee machine to make a cup of American style, awaken the vitality of the day; when you are tired, have a cup of Italian concentrate, savor the rest time in the dense …... In short, at any moment of drowsiness, baldness or emo, nothing can't be solved by a cup of coffee. The only obstacle is that the coffee is good, but not easy to make.

It's like when you excitedly buy a coffee machine and think that coffee is free from now on, but you end up losing out to operation and taste. Grinding, cloth powder, pressing powder, extraction. Obviously spent time and energy, still can not achieve the ideal taste in mind. At this time, an intelligent and easy-to-operate coffee machine is particularly important. As the first choice, Little Bear grinding integrated coffee machine is equipped with LED HD screen and 30 grinding gears, accurate temperature control system, 20bar intelligent control high voltage, to achieve one-click quantitative extraction, bring play curry taste control, to ensure that each cup is a golden cup quality, can be called the absolute gospel of people who love coffee!

Intelligent play "coffee", the quality of "coffee" is the same as ordinary.

Young people cannot do without coffee, just as the West cannot do without Jerusalem. Open the Douban group to search for "coffee" and you will find that coffee theme groups such as "have you had coffee today" and "Coffee study Society" are active among thousands of coffee lovers. Many of them will share coffee making tutorials to explore how to make high-quality coffee drinks.

In the final analysis, the taste buds of young people are always "taste" supreme. As a small household appliance brand with accurate insight into the needs of young people, Little Bear Appliances is a tailor-made coffee machine tailored for young people. The intelligent function is not only simple and easy to use, but also has the ultimate control over grinding, extraction and other production details. Only to show the highest quality mellow taste.

Considering that coffee making requires slow workers to do fine work, how to accurately control the details of the complex process such as grinding and extraction? Small bear electric grinding integrated coffee machine is equipped with LED HD big screen, which can not only clearly show the working process of grinding control area, visual pressure gauge, extraction control area, etc., but also customize the operation according to the demand, and also press the stupid button to restore the factory settings, easily solve the operation problems encountered when making coffee, and easily make good quality coffee at home.

Coffee grinding is also fastidious. Uneven grinding in the early stage often leads to insufficient aroma or concentration of coffee. The professional grinding equipment of Xiaoxiong integrated coffee machine can realize automatic grinding and falling powder, and comes with 30 grinding stalls, including fineness grinding, medium grinding and roughness grinding, and the grinding time can be chosen according to the roasting degree of coffee beans. Therefore, whether you want to drink American style or latte, it can meet the coffee making needs of different flavors according to different grinding fineness, making the taste level of coffee more distinct.

In addition to grinding, extraction pressure is also critical. The coffee machine is equipped with 20bar intelligent control high pressure to ensure the best extraction pressure of 9-12bar, so the aroma of the extracted coffee will be more rich and mellow. In addition, the PID temperature control system can adjust the temperature in real time, making the extraction accurate to every 1 ℃, ensuring that each extraction is the ideal water temperature, acidity and sweetness will be balanced, and users can make coffee comparable to the master's private blend at home.

Rich experience and enjoy the fun of making coffee

From the petty-bourgeois drink of youth pain literature to the recipe for the life of young workers, with the in-depth popularity of coffee machines, a series of lifestyles around coffee are making the world of young people more colorful. The same is true of Xiao Xiong Electric Grinding all-in-one Coffee Machine, which brings not only high-quality coffee drinking, but also rich life experience and fun of manual operation.

With intelligent and omnipotent "skill", Xiaobai can easily become a "big shot". As a semi-automatic coffee machine, Xiao Xiong electric grinding integrated coffee machine should have the same functional experience, grinding beans, extraction, milk foam machine is all done, it is not only the early C of beating workers, but also let coffee stars experience the joy and satisfaction of manual production, and this professional operation has no threshold, the novice can do it easily, so that it can be sold as a boutique.

In addition to the emotional value given by operation, Little Bear Electric Grinding all-in-one Coffee Machine also helps young people create "coffee socialization". In the workplace, coffee is not only a "social currency", but also a reward for human exchanges. When you are busy every day, making a few cups of coffee for your colleagues can virtually establish a revolutionary friendship for beating workers. At home, the corner of coffee has become the "third space" for leisure and social interaction. Make a few cups of hot coffee by yourself and chat with three or two friends. This leisure is not a "little luck" that warms people's hearts in the city.

Of course, while feeling the wonderful experience brought by the coffee machine, we still can not ignore the ingenuity behind the brand. Under the layout of the "boutique strategy", Little Bear has set up a three-level R & D system, with more than 10 R & D teams, more than 300 professional R & D and technical personnel, a 10 + design team and more than 60 + professional designers. and link the global design resources to cooperate, and strive to achieve R & D, design excellence. And in order to achieve higher quality product output, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliances has also landed "5 intelligent manufacturing bases + parts production bases + operation bases" with a total area of about 580000 square meters, more than 70 production lines and 2 domestic top-level fully automatic production lines. based on mathematical intelligence manufacturing continues to improve product strength, in order to iterate high-quality, high-looking small household appliances for young people.

Generally speaking, young people's love of coffee includes lifestyle choices. The grinding integrated coffee machine developed by Little Bear Appliances as a link not only creates delicious coffee, but also integrates the pleasure and beauty of coffee making into the quality of life, allowing young people to immerse themselves in the satisfaction and joy brought by self-control.

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