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Alipay enlarges the depth of cooperation for the banking industry: 4 capacity upgrades and AI technology opening.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, according to the official news of Alipay, on December 21, Alipay said at the year-end event of "Digital Intelligence Integration and Unbounded Ecology" Alipay Banking Ecology will continue to deepen innovation cooperation with banking ecological partners around bank card operation ecology in 2024 and further open services through AI technology.

In 2024, the marketing capabilities of four major banks will be upgraded: precision marketing ability, user access ability, scene opening ability and ecological linkage ability.

Tang Fang, vice president of Ant Group and general manager of Alipay's user business department, said, "Alipay adheres to the original intention of 'paying for the people and serving entities'. In the past three years, it has worked deeply with thousands of banks and more than 4,000 partners around the digital marketing of bank cards, serving hundreds of millions of consumers and achieving win-win results for consumers, banks, service providers, merchants and payment platforms."

She said that in the face of 2024, Alipay will, with a more open and cooperative attitude, deepen and broaden cooperation with the vast number of banking institutions and service providers, and open up more scenes, capabilities and services through new technologies, with a more competitive cooperation strategy. further strengthen the cooperation ecology.

Alipay announced the launch of four major upgrades to bank ecological cooperation in 2024. The main contents of are as follows:

1. Upgrade the precision marketing ability: from the basic version to the professional version and then to the advanced version, to help realize the accurate marketing of the bank.

2. Upgrade user access capabilities: Alipay public domain traffic opening, cashier quota opening, API interface upgrade, bank private domain traffic and other areas of further opening, to help banks build user marketing closed loop.

3. Upgrade scenario opening ability: achieve more optional scenarios, upgrade scene matching crowd to increase the conversion rate, and strengthen offline business opportunities matchmaking, so as to achieve the upgrade from single point marketing to intelligent operation.

4. Upgrade the ecological linkage ability: through open and stable brand scene, marketing ability, numerical intelligence ability, combined with competitive incentive strategy, cooperate with ecological partners to promote the digital intelligence of bank marketing.

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