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One plus Ace 3 mobile phone appears in telecom terminal product library: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 5500 mAh battery

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Thanks to netizens "see" one, partial Kesuohuang 4100 eyes of clue delivery! news on December 22, one plus Ace 3 mobile phone model PJE110 appeared in China Telecom terminal product library, equipped with 16GB + 1TB, 16GB + 512GB, 12GB + 256GB three storage specifications, provide Ming Sha Gold, Star Black, Moon Sea Blue three colors.

The information of telecom terminal product library shows that the basic information of each version of one plus Ace 3 is shown in the following table ( Note: the pricing is not final, subject to the official press conference):

The retail price of the version PJE110 (16G+1T) PJE110 (16G+512G) PJE110 (12G+256G) is 399936993299 screen size 6.78 front camera 1600 megapixel rear camera 5000 megapixel + 8 megapixel RAM16GB16GB12GBROM1TB512GB256GB plus Ace 3 weight 207g, with a 163.30 × 75.27x8.8fuselage size and a 6.78inch screen.

In terms of configuration, one plus Ace 3 is equipped with SM8550 processor (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2), built-in 5500 mAh battery, no 3.5mm headphone hole. with one plus Ace 3 detailed parameter list:

Parameter name, parameter content, product market positioning, economical and practical product market time 20240131 battery accessories single charge other standard accessories other _, data lines, user manual Leather case / mobile case AP model SM8550AP main frequency 3200 intelligent operating system Android 14 other operating system platform and version NA Carrier aggregation (CA) supports the number of user cards in dual-card network frequency band CDMA BC0,GSM B5, WCDMA B1, WCDMA B1, FDD, LTE, B1, FD, LTE, B3, FD, LTE, B4, FD, LTE, B26, TDTE, TDTE, LTE, B38, TDTE, LTE, TDTE, LTE, B40, TDTE, B4, TDTE, B4, TDTE, LTE, B40, TDTE, TDTE, LTE, B4, TDTE, LTE, B4, TDLTE, TDTE, LTE, TDT, LTE, TDLTEB4, TDDDLTEB4, TDDDLTE, TDLTEB40, TDTEB40, TDTEB4, TD FDD-LTE B19, FDD, LTE, B28, and WCDMA B4 TD-LTE B34 5GNR (Sub-6) n41Magi 5GNR (Sub-6) n788Magne5GNR (Sub-6) n1Magne5GNR (Sub-6) n3Power5GNR (Sub-6) n5GNR (Sub-6) n8GNR (Sub-6) n28 Intelligent operating system derivative remarks NA user card specifications (card 1) 4FF user card specifications (card 2) 4FF fingerprint identification is supported by telecom 800MHz support whether support China Telecom VoLTE support product model PJE110 brand OPPO manufacturer full name OPPO Guangguang East Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Battery capacity (unit: Ma) 5500 online air upgrade support long SMS support MMS support appearance type straight plate antenna design built-in shell material metal product size 163.30 × 75.27x 8.8Product weight 207screen display resolution 1264mm 2480touch screen type capacitive touch screen keyboard type NAFlash keyless memory (unit: Mbyte) 962673 maximum Support extended memory does not support battery type lithium headset interface Type-C power and USB interface USB TYPE-CU disk mode support other interfaces NA Bluetooth wireless communication support WLAN wireless communication (WIFI / WIPI) WIFINFC support MEID support USB transmission efficiency USB Type-C support Chinese traditional support direction sensing Light sensing, other, gravity sensing, altitude sensing, distance sensing whether support GPS support Beidou system support battery built-in

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