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The fast-hand star skit "I'm bound to the Love system" ended with more than 240 million views, and OPPO witnessed the high-profile scene of the actor and actress.

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Recently, the short play "I'm bound to Love system" co-produced by OPPO and Kuaishou has been officially concluded, with a total of 240 million views in 18 episodes, making it another dark horse in Kuaishou's star skit. In a group of short plays that carry masochism to the end, "I bind the love system" focuses on "Pure Love". Top male stars join hands with ordinary girls to enter the entertainment industry, tear green tea, and fight scum male ex-boyfriends. In the two-way love story to convey to the audience the creative concept of "all kind, sincere and brave girls can meet sparkling themselves".

It is worth mentioning that "I bind the Love system" as the commercial customized play of the brand side OPPO, on the one hand, in the plot setting, the magical OPPO "Love system" not only becomes a highlight of the play, but also promotes the plot development at a critical moment, ingenious setting makes the brand implantation without a sense of disobedience. In addition, the exquisite appearance and powerful photography function of the new OPPO Reno11 machine have been continuously strengthened with the advance of the plot. Not only that, the heroine's character positioning and yearning for beautiful love are also very consistent with the target user group of OPPO Reno11, so that short drama marketing can not only create momentum for the brand, but also really drive the growth of its sales.

The brand becomes an important clue to the plot, continuously strengthening the characteristics of the product in the real situation.

Different from the simple brand implantation, customized short plays not only mean the deep cooperation between the brand and the production team, but also mean that the brand elements should be integrated with the storyline from script creation to character setting and even scene layout. In terms of business cooperation, the Kuaishou short play "I bound the Love system" sets up a magic mobile phone with the love system as a key element, so as to promote the natural convergence of the plot content.

As an ordinary employee of a star agency, actress Yang Baoba is not only often bullied by actress Xu Baoer, but also cheated by her boyfriend on her birthday. in the face of all this, she made a wish to a meteor on the rooftop in the hope of sweet love. At this time, a meteor passed by, and the lucky moonstone of OPPO, a magic mobile phone with a love system, came to her. Capture Gu Cheng's high-energy moment, eat the same bowl of noodles, princess hug, in a love mission, Yang Baoba and the top male star Gu Cheng heart to heart.

In addition to using the brand as an important prop to trigger the development of the plot, "I am bound to the Love system" skillfully implants the new features of OPPO Reno11, which are presented and repeatedly strengthened in the real situation. For example, when taking pictures of Gucheng with OPPO Reno11, Yang Baa, the heroine, looked at photos with her own flare effect and naturally said, "True SLR portrait lens is really good."

In addition to the implantation of product features, the moonlight gem, as one of the four color matches in the OPPO Reno11 series, is also repeatedly mentioned in the play. It is skillfully painted in every highly sweet scene of the male and female actors, the unique gem appearance and the meaning of the lucky moonstone, but also as "every girl has her own lucky moonstone, as long as kindness, sincerity and courage are used to make it shine." The theme of "also let yourself reap happiness" series the whole story, leaving a deep impression on the audience. At the same time, the one-click purchase link to the show page and the situational guidance of "sold out" in the plot further magnify the marketing power of this customized short play.

Returning to the creative concept, the key to a successful customized short play is to create an original story that matches the brand concept, and this kind of story should be able to convey the core value of the brand and resonate with the target audience. Although the concept of magic phone is implanted in the fast-hand skit "I'm bound to Love system", the character setting of ordinary female host and the frustrated life state are very real and have a sense of substitution. In the end, the plot reversal of the male star's secret crush on the female master when he was a student shows us that the magic of the love system only awakens the courage in people's hearts, and that it depends on one's own efforts and sincerity to get true love. it's like watching an adult version of a fairy tale. It all makes sense.

Customized skits expand the narrative space for the brand and gain audience recognition with emotional resonance.

According to the de Tavin report, the number of new short plays launched in the first half of this year reached 481, surpassing the 454 for the whole of 2022. With the rapid expansion of the market supply of skits, skits have become a new bridge of dialogue between brands and consumers because of their unique charm and efficient communication power. As far as the brand is concerned, the customized short drama not only provides the brand with higher frequency exposure, but also the highly customizable content provides the space for the brand to shape the deep story and reap the audience's recognition with emotional resonation. so as to further help the brand to achieve the integration of quality and effect.

Relying on the long drama's good production team and the deep insight into the brand user group, the Kuaishou short drama "I am bound to Love system" is remarkable in character setting, plot setting, lens language, theme expression and so on. At the same time, in the commercial cooperation model, the customized drama form weakens the audience's sensitivity to advertising, which is not only an innovative attempt in the production of short plays, but also brings an example of cross-border linkage of film and television for the marketing of this new product OPPO Reno11. I believe that the fast-hand skit "I am bound to the Love system" is just the beginning, looking forward to the emergence of more high-quality skits, while winning high exposure and good reputation, continue to expand the depth of commercialization and provide more new communication ideas for brand marketing.

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