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How to make TV "turn green"? Hisense laser TV gives the answer.

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Facing the tide of ESG, how should Chinese manufacturing enterprises deal with it? On December 21, at the 2023 Sina Finance Golden Kirin ESG Sub-Forum, Hisense Laser TV gave the answer. At the scene, Zhong Qiang, general manager of Hisense Laser display R & D Center, said, "Innovation drives emerging technology iteration and green upgrading, and even actively participates in strategic emerging industries." use the industry's' green content 'and' new content'to increase the 'gold content'. "

In the context of sustainable development, how to achieve green and low carbon has become a must-answer for the development of enterprises. As a leader in the global display industry, Hisense takes energy conservation and emission reduction as its responsibility, deeply integrates the concept of "Go Green" into research and development, promotes the construction of a green and low-carbon production system, vigorously develops new display technologies represented by laser display, and actively explores new green development paths with high technology content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution.

Xu Zuyan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that "carbon neutralization" has become a national strategy, and laser display has the advantages of visual comfort, low energy consumption, and the more obvious the energy-saving effect of the larger the screen is. The promotion and application of laser display technology is an important measure to promote the development of green and low carbon. At present, laser TV independently developed by Hisense has become the most environmentally friendly technical solution in TV products, saving more than 50% energy compared with traditional TV, and the total recyclable utilization rate of its raw materials is as high as 92%. At the same time, Hisense laser TV ensures that the four basic principles of green design are met in the whole product life cycle: low energy consumption, low demand for production resources, low consumption of raw materials and low recovery cost.

With laser display technology to make TV "green" higher at the same time, Hisense laser TV has also gained authoritative recognition, not long ago won T Ü V Rheinland full life cycle carbon footprint certificate, Hisense laser display company won the country's first corporate carbon label certificate, continue to demonstrate the advantages of low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection of laser TV.

In July this year, the National Development and Reform Commission proposed to "raise the level of intelligent green household" and "encourage green consumption" in the "measures to restore and expand consumption", once again releasing signals such as green consumption. With this consumption trend, Hisense laser TV makes it easy to enter the home with an oversized screen of more than 100 inches through innovative forms such as "foldable", bringing the concept of health eye protection, energy saving and environmental protection to more and more users' homes to create a "green living room" for thousands of families.

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