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Fight the Black Wukong! Extreme Light pursuit experience of iGame RTX 40 Series Video Card

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Shulou( Report--

Less than 8 months after the release of "Black Myth: Wukong", everyone who must have been waiting for a long time can no longer bear to have fun. As the launch day approaches, players' demand for game equipment is also increasing. IGame, a new-generation high-end hardware brand under Qicaihong, a first-line graphics card brand, will provide players with a smooth action game experience!

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The release day notice is three minutes long, which reveals a lot of content, including scenes that did not appear in the earlier notice and monsters that did not appear on the stage. The scenes of many Chinese mythological elements are unique in the 3A game, and there are many magnificent scenes in the preview, including magnificent forests and pale snow-capped mountains, especially the BOSS war shows a soul-like way of fighting, and increases the sense of play under the blessing of special effects and pictures. It is worth mentioning that there will be many types of monsters in this work, the diversity of enemies can increase the play experience, players can use different strategies to meet different types of enemies.

A variety of scenes and enemies increase the playability of the game, and the vivid and rich scene details and light and shadow special effects seem to place players in the game. However, this is just a trailer, "Black Myth: Wukong" will support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing and DLSS 3 technology, can bring players almost real light and shadow visual feast. While feeling the highly realistic images, DLSS 3 technology can also bring players an increase in the number of game frames, while DLSS 3 features can only be realized by using iGame GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. With its powerful performance, you can play "Black Myth: Wukong" smoothly and experience the silky game journey of the mythological world.

Guochuang new generation high-end hardware brand iGame has launched a large number of trendy hardware equipment since its birth in 2008, and its unique fashion style with excellent product experience and high-quality after-sales service has won the praise of the new generation of players. In the latest RTX 40 series graphics cards, iGame introduces the new idea of "I swim freely", that is, to achieve a physical and mental state of play for players through powerful hardware equipment. In the brand's four series, according to different trends and artistic styles to create a number of excellent graphics card hardware. These include the flagship "Vulcan" with the post-cyber punk spirit; the integrated water-cooled hardware "Neptune" with "New Atlantis" as its cultural background; "Advanced" inspired by mysterious celestial black holes; and "Ultra" with pop art style. If players like Jane Pu some graphics card types can also choose "Tomahawk" series, a number of products can be selected by players according to their preferences.

IGame's trendy hardware models cover from the entry-level chipset RTX 4060 to the flagship chipset RTX 4090, a variety of chip models can meet the needs of different players, including 3D modeling, graphic design, video clips and AIGC and other popular creative applications, high-end graphics card equipment can become the top productivity tool for content creators, with NVIDIA technology to achieve the combination of hardware and software, for the continuous acceleration of creative content.

The powerful hardware performance can not only meet the needs of content creators, but also compete in the strongest domestic 3A masterpiece "Black Myth: Wukong" on August 20, 2024. With the help of RTX RayTracing and DLSS 3 features, you can smoothly experience high-definition game performance. With only 9 months to go before the game is released, we strongly recommend that you replace your old hardware and join RTX immediately to enjoy the visual feast brought by various ray tracing masterpieces!

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