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Deep ploughing the Road of Globalization potential cars lead China's New Energy luxury cars to the World

2024-04-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

As a luxury new energy brand jointly created by BYD, the "leader of new energy vehicles" and Mercedes-Benz, the "inventor of fuel cars", Teng Teng Automobile is born with international genes, not only the positioning of all its products is globalized. it is also determined to become the world's leading new energy luxury car brand. Under the guidance of the globalization strategy, Tengli Automobile actively responded to and deeply implemented the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, created a global brand image externally, continuously practiced its internal skills at home, and made remarkable achievements at home and abroad.

2023 is the first year for Teng Teng cars to appear on the international stage, successively going abroad and landing at top international auto shows, such as the Bangkok International Auto Show in March, where former Prime Minister Prayuth visited the booth; the Munich International Auto Show in September, the European debut was well received; the October Japan Mobile Travel Show, as the only Chinese luxury car brand at the show, attracted much attention and received the first overseas order. At the Thailand International Auto Expo in November, the momentum N7 took the stick D9 and continued to go out to sea, while at the Hong Kong International Automobile Expo in December, the momentum D9 made its debut and opened a blind booking. Relying on the steady and orderly pace of going out to sea, Tengli Automobile has not only successfully won the love of international media and global users, but also laid a solid foundation for shaping a leading international high-end brand, and is expected to become the "business card" of China's new energy luxury cars. let the world know Chinese cars again, let more people know the world trend.

Not only does the international stage shine brilliantly, but Tengli has also made remarkable achievements in the domestic market. With the five luxury configurations of "design, ride, wisdom, driving and safety" and the all-excellent strength of Ikea, it has become the fastest Chinese new energy luxury model to deliver 100,000 units of production cars in only 11 months, setting a new industry record. By the beginning of December 2023, Teng Teng D9 has steadily ranked first in luxury MPV sales of more than 300000 for 11 consecutive months, and is expected to become the cumulative MPV sales leader in 2023.

It is worth mentioning that Teng Teng D9 is both in volume and price, with an average sales price of more than 420000, which is the unit price of Chinese brand customers TOP1. At the same time, its preservation rate also ranks first in the annual value preservation rate of new energy MPV, setting a new value benchmark for the luxury MPV market. In addition to being deeply recognized by mainstream families, Tengli D9 is also the best choice for many elites of the times. National actor-Haiqing, well-known host-Yang Lan, powerful entrepreneur-Cao Hui are all seated in the new luxury.

As a new energy pioneer integrating BYD's leading new energy technology and Mercedes-Benz luxury car-making genes, every step of Tengli Automobile in the globalization exploration not only wins itself the possibility of unlimited development, but also successfully interprets the charm and strength of China's new energy luxury car brands. In the future, Tengli Automobile will continue to accelerate the development of globalization, enrich the luxury product matrix, create a new luxury and all-excellent travel experience for users around the world, and further help China accelerate to become an automobile power.

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