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Empower more than 200 head enterprises in the whole year! The annual closing of Hongmeng Innovation training Camp is held in Beijing!

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Shulou( Report--

From December 19 to 21, 2023, Hongmeng Ecological School Innovation training Camp held its annual closing station in Beijing. This is the last and eighth Hongmeng ecological empowerment training in 2023. Including Feishu, Sogou Input, QQ Book, Finance, Health, Automobile Home, Shell Housing, Lianjia, Today's Watermark camera, Flying Pig Travel, Barley, Voyage, Learning, CAD Quick View, Guazi, Luckin Coffee, Chalk, e-charging, Dangdang, Daily Yoga, more than 200 eco-technical partners of more than 50 enterprises in different fields across the country participated in the training. So far, Hongmeng Ecological School Innovation training Camp has attracted more than 1000 development engineers from more than 200 companies, including China Mobile, Baidu, Meituan, China Southern Airlines and, to participate in and obtain the "HarmonyOS Application developer Advanced Certification" certificate.

In this Beijing Railway Station event, more than 10 Hongmeng eco-technology experts introduced HarmonyOS system characteristics, enabling kit-basic use of project management, HarmonyOS application architecture, application development knowledge domain, end-cloud integration, HarmonyOS application / meta-service shelves and other related knowledge to the participating partners in this training camp. After 3 days of training, the technical partners successfully obtained the certificate of "Advanced Certification of HarmonyOS Application developer", which represents the ability to independently involve and develop HarmonyOS applications.

In this year's Hongmeng Ecological School Innovation training Camp, in addition to the empowerment course, the activity itself also provided hands-on practice and face-to-face exchanges with Huawei technical experts for each training partner, helping technical partners solve more than 200 technical problems. In the future, Hongmeng Ecological School Innovation training Camp will continue to work with professional lecturers to bring all-round HarmonyOS empowerment to developers to help developers systematically learn HarmonyOS courses and get started quickly.

Under the current situation of "Hongmeng Qianfan", as of September this year, there have been more than 2.2 million Hongmeng developers. I believe that in the future, more enterprises and developers will actively embrace Hongmeng ecology and work together to build a beautiful and prosperous Hongmeng world! For more information about HarmonyOS enabling courses, enabling activities and professional competency certificates, please visit the website of Huawei developer Alliance for more information about HarmonyOS!

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