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IFLYTEK starts trade-in: translator recording pen up to 1000 yuan deduction

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On December 22, 2023, iFLYTEK's translation machines and smart recording pens announced the launch of a trade-in campaign to encourage users to buy the latest products by trade-in, so as to make full use of the residual value of old electronic products. By exchanging the old for the new, new and old users can not only experience the latest artificial intelligence products at a lower cost, but also contribute to the cause of environmental protection and alleviate the environmental pollution caused by the rapid increase of e-waste.

As an enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the field of artificial intelligence for 24 years, iFLYTEK, with its accurate grasp of market demand and continuous technological breakthroughs, has launched translators and recorders that have won the domestic market champion for many years in a row. it has become a successful product tested by the market. This trade-in activity not only supports old iFLYTEK-branded devices, but also opens up translation machines and recording pens for non-iFLYTEK brands, and even various models of mobile phones can participate in the replacement, lowering the threshold for users to trade. So that more new and old users can experience the convenience brought by iFLYTEK's latest artificial intelligence products in a convenient and efficient way. This is not only the environmental recycling of old equipment, but also a beautiful vision of smart life.

The event covers a variety of iFLYTEK translation machines and recording pens to ensure that each user can find a product that meets their needs. The translator series includes two latest products: dual-screen translator and translator 4.0, which supports online translation in 85 languages and offline translation in 17 languages, as well as practical functions such as photo translation. to meet the needs of users in overseas travel and cross-language business communication. The recording pen series includes models such as SR502 and SR302, which are equipped with the spark model capability. on the basis of the original high-quality recording and accurate transcript, the recorder pen series adds "meeting minutes" and "discourse organization" functions based on the upgrade of iFLYTEK's spark cognitive model to help quickly sort out and optimize the content of articles.

To ensure that users have more choice and flexibility when participating in activities, iFLYTEK offers a variety of participation channels, including official flagship stores (, Tmall, Douyin) and nationwide stores. Users only need to communicate with the staff to carry out recycling and replacement. In addition, users can also apply for participation through the Wechat platform [iFLYTEK translator] Wechat service number and send the message "trade-in".

In terms of recycling pricing, iFLYTEK uses a unified pricing method according to the model to recycle the old equipment of the iFLYTEK brand, which does not need to go through a complex process such as quality evaluation. This simple recycling method can greatly enhance the experience of users participating in trade-in activities, consumers can quickly know the value of their equipment, and avoid the subjective judgment differences that may occur in the traditional evaluation process. Make the whole transaction process more transparent and efficient.

In this trade-in activity, users are able to experience the blessing of the latest technology at a low cost, whether in terms of work efficiency or convenience in daily life, the latest translators and recording pen products have brought about important changes. In addition, the recycling and reuse of users' old equipment not only prolongs the life cycle of electronic devices and reduces e-waste, but also reflects iFLYTEK's commitment and efforts to environmental protection.

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