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Domestic Galaxy Kirin Desktop operating system V10 is upgraded again

2024-06-19 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Recently, Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system V10 SP1 2303 update2 has been officially released. This update comprehensively optimizes the desktop environment, system settings and system tools, and fixes some known problems and CVE vulnerabilities in the system, significantly improving the ease of use, security, stability and compatibility of the products.

According to reports, the new version of Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system through GB18030-2022 "Information Technology Chinese coded character set" to achieve level 3 (the highest level) authentication, from the underlying basic library to the application program to fully support the new national standard GB18030-2022, can normally view and edit text files in line with GB18030-2022 specifications, and built in the national standard Song series fonts, added GB18030-2022 internal code input method It solves the problem of rare word input in the office scene of finance, government affairs and other industries.

As an application to provide one-stop system management services, Kirin Butler not only brings new module "service support" in this update, but also adds "win Migration tool" and "remote Assistance tool". The "win Migration tool" is used to migrate data from the windows system to the Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system. With simple configuration, the data in the shared files on the win side can be automatically migrated to the local. The remote Assistance tool enables administrators to operate and maintain faulty terminals through remote desks, thus improving the efficiency of terminal operation and maintenance in large-scale use scenarios.

In addition, this system upgrade realizes the support for long file names, and files with file names more than 255 characters can also be saved normally. At the same time, new features such as multi-file batch renaming and cross-tab drag-and-copy are more in line with users' habits.

The new version solves the problem of system stutter or application jam caused by the use of a large number of applications by introducing the innovative technology of "hierarchical freezing". This technology carries on the hierarchical processing according to the different state of the application, and carries on the resource restriction such as CPU, memory and disk I / O to the application in different state, in order to ensure the stability of the system and the fluency of the current application. Through the multi-layer classification of the application, the utilization rate of energy consumption can be improved, thus the battery life of the system can be improved.

In order to effectively prevent malware from attacking and implanting in the system startup phase, the new version supports the secure startup function of national secret and non-national secret algorithm certificates, verifies the validity and legitimacy of all executable files loaded during UEFI startup by certificate signature, in order to prevent key components of the system from being maliciously tampered with, and provides a solid protection layer for the startup process of the system. The security protection system of the operating system is further improved.

The new version further improves the experience of using Bluetooth features, including: support for controlling the playback and pause of audio and video applications with Bluetooth headset; support for aac audio coding to improve sound quality; support for Bluetooth audio fade-in special effect, sound from low to preset value; support for Bluetooth device name customization to facilitate device search; support for Bluetooth user isolation, enhancement of experience in multi-user scenarios, etc.

In addition to these new features, Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system V10 SP1 2303 update2 also adds practical new functions such as dynamic screensaver, screenshot OCR, audio and video preview multimedia control, shortcut key window one-click delivery and magnifying glass.

According to Sadie consultants, in terms of Linux operating system, Kirin Software has maintained the first market share for 12 years in a row, and ranks first among local manufacturers in both desktop-side and server-side markets.

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