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The first share of the wave innovation technology server won the 4 billion yuan procurement project of a state-owned bank.

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A few days ago, the 4 billion yuan PC server procurement project of a state-owned bank, which attracted much attention from the industry, came to an end. A number of servers with innovative technology won the bid, and the winning share ranked first.

The bank is one of the main comprehensive financial service providers in China and plays an important role in the financial field. By the end of 2016, the bank had more than 20, 000 domestic branches and more than 10 major holding subsidiaries, and ranked among the top 1000 global banks in 2023. Winning the bid for the head bank and even the financial industry, a very representative and exemplary ultra-large-scale procurement project of innovative technology servers, once again proved the hard core strength of the wave innovative technology series servers.

Wave innovative technology series servers widely support a variety of mainstream technology routes and operating systems, and are well compatible with cloud platforms such as middleware, virtualization, containers, etc., supporting super-large capacity local storage, providing flexible and powerful resource expansion capabilities, and can provide users with multi-faceted trusted computing, ensure data security, and support the efficient development of user business.

At the same time, relying on the profound technical strength, the wave innovation technology series of servers have broken through a number of industrial technical problems, including ultra-low bit error rate technology, better ECC error mechanism and so on. A number of technologies such as "a method, device and medium for allocating resources according to the type of PCI equipment", "innovative technology, high-end server system design technology" and other technologies have won authoritative awards such as "China Patent Award Excellence Award", "International Advanced level" and "first Class Award for Scientific and technological Progress". Volume has changed into qualitative change. with the blessing of a series of technological achievements, wave innovation technology series servers have achieved outstanding advantages in performance, stability, security and other aspects, and won the "most favored by users Award" and other recognition.

Taking the important innovative technology project of the successful financial industry as a new starting point, in the future, Wave computer will further give full play to its own advantages and continue to study innovative technology servers, terminal products and solutions. to help more financial users step onto a new level of high-quality development.

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