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Magnetic engine won 21 marketing awards to gain insight into Kuaishou digital marketing from these six gold award cases.

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As the economy gradually comes out of the impact of the epidemic, various industries begin to meet the challenges and opportunities of the post-epidemic era. At this turning point, digital marketing is facing unprecedented changes. The epidemic has given birth to a rapid change in consumer behavior and promoted the integration of digital technology and marketing strategies. In this context, digital marketing is no longer just a choice, but the only way for enterprises to survive and develop.

Recently, at the 2023TMA mobile marketing event, Kuaishou Magnetic engine won a total of 21 awards, including nominations, eight gold awards and ten silver awards. Why can Kuaishou marketing cases win so many awards? What are the new trends in digital marketing that deserve our consideration and insight behind these awards? We start from six specific cases and analyze them one by one.

First, the long-term empowerment of values marketing

All along, there are not many brands that can really achieve values marketing, because the threshold is very high. In order to achieve real values marketing, we should not only understand consumers' values and convey the content that resonates with consumers, but also find ways to communicate effectively with consumers. finally, we have to face the problem of continuity and consistency in the process of marketing communication.

Yu'e Bao and Kuaishou jointly planned the case of "through the market fireworks, see the small earning youth" case is an excellent case representative of values marketing, won the TMA mobile marketing case category award nomination, "case category-content marketing category" gold award.

With an insight into China's post-90s and even post-00s' mentality towards "inner volume" and "lying flat", Yu'e Bao, together with China Youth Daily and Kuaishou, launched a short film on the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, showing the characteristics of 15 fast-hand users in different fields. interpret the "small earn" attitude towards life.

The campaign focuses on the keyword "making money", which is particularly concerned by the public in today's economic situation, and gives young people an outlet to release pressure through contrastive content output, calling for "there is also a future slowly", so as to enhance users' sense of brand identity; at the same time, metaphor for the long-term value benefits of Yu'e Bao product power. " Young people have their own rhythm, and the core output of values is highly consistent with the new ideas of young people. In the past, borrowing and overdraft were encouraged, but now it is encouraged to accumulate little by little, so that a small amount of money can flow for a long time. Yu'e Bao is establishing a new outlook on life.

Second, the construction of trust to convey confidence

We ushered in a new era after the epidemic. But in this new era, consumer confidence is not high, they are worried about the uncertainty of the future, trust in the brand is also wavering. The "2023 China consumption trend report" points out that from the enterprise end to the user end, if a brand wants to be appreciated, loved or admired, it must establish trust. Trust is not only the cornerstone of brand construction, but also the engine for the brand to produce long-term effect.

How can brands respond to consumers' concerns and expectations through practical actions, actively convey positive energy, guide consumers to see the present and the future correctly, and help them build confidence and courage to build trust? The marketing case of magnetic engine "2023 Weather clear" won the gold medal of "case category-content marketing category".

As the saying goes, "rely on heaven for food and clothes on the ground". As a large agricultural country, Chinese people have always been highly concerned about the cloudy and sunny weather. A sunny day may not be a great thing, but it firmly carries everyone's yearning for a better future. Kuaishou Magnetic engine and Chinese Meteorology release confidence in the future from a closer perspective of users by re-annotating the "weather" as a daily life, breaking away from the conventional wishes at the New year node.

The project brings together eight brands, several talented people and a group of market artists to convey the confidence of "sunny New year" and positive optimism. "2023 sunny" itself is a belief in a better future. This belief is a force to narrow the gap between brands and consumers.

III. Urban marketing based on content borrowing

From the barbecue in Zibo to the diving master in Tianjin, from Jiangmen in Guangdong Province to Bengbu in Anhui Province, the overnight explosion of a city is inseparable from the continuous empowerment of culture, how to tap the value of local culture, take advantage of social hot topics to drain the city, and form a new city attraction, which is worth discussing.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup, as the first World Cup in the post-epidemic era and the most important sports event in 2022, has unprecedented attention. Football carnival sweeps the world. As the hometown of football, Zibo hopes to take advantage of this "east wind" to stand in front of young people again. Zibo cultural brigade and Kuaishou hit it off, creating a unique Cuju cultural carnival during the World Cup. Zhenghuan ancient city wonderful-"go to the field to fight, this Zibo".

With the help of this cultural logo, Kuaishou successfully helped Zibo pass the city card of "hometown of Football" to enhance public recognition; unlock the long-standing Cuju culture with new ways of playing, so that the cultural heritage of the old city can be more easily accepted by young people, and provide an excellent marketing model for Internet promotion in characteristic cities.

The importance and unique value of urban marketing is that it can enhance the popularity, reputation and influence of the city, so as to promote the development of urban tourism, culture, economy and so on. Through this activity, Zibo attracts more attention and tourists and promotes the prosperity and development of the city with its unique cultural heritage and rich tourism resources, combined with the analysis of historical events and the planning of online and offline activities.

Fourth, the IP value of the village market.

When it comes to IP marketing, we used to think of large-scale production, big node events, which often occur in big cities, but few people pay attention to the potential of large IP contained in a large population base. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumer demand of the village market is gradually increasing, and the consumer demand for cultural products is also increasingly exuberant. Seizing the IP content tuyere of the village market will let us see the new content wind direction.

The case of "Village BA", which won the gold medal of "case category-sports marketing category", is the representative of this tuyere. First of all, the "village BA" has the gene to go out of the circle, and the state pays more and more attention to the national physique and sports, raising the national fitness to a national strategy and accelerating the construction of a sports power. The revitalization of rural sports culture has stimulated the sports enthusiasm of rural people, focused on the empathy of fans, and attracted the attention of pan-sports people. Due to the strong sense of local cultural identity in the new line market, the excavation of culture with rural characteristics not only makes rural sports activities have their own cultural connotations, but also makes it easier to have a very broad mass base, coupled with the local government and township support and local financial media dissemination, have promoted the explosion and out of the circle of the IP.

From the point of view of the cooperative brand, the "Kuaishou Village BA" event has built a bridge between sports and health, so that more Kuaishou users are interested in the health care and health care, and actively participate in it, becoming an important channel for brand development. Take Jasper as an example, "Kuaishou Village BA" attracts basketball crowds to meet the demands of its brand covering mass sports users and pan-people, helping brands precipitate private assets and achieve long-term operation.

Fifth, grasp the theme of the times and strengthen brand awareness

The theme of the times reflects the concerns and trends of the current society, and is closely related to the needs and interests of consumers. Grasping the brand with the theme of the times can better attract the attention of the target audience and improve brand awareness and influence.

As the first Spring Festival after the opening of the epidemic, the key word "freedom" was mentioned in the 2023 Spring Festival. However, from the perspective of the market environment, even if there is an urgent need to release the consumption power, consumers are still not blind. Therefore, the brand should not only have a sufficient sense of existence, but also have enough value to meet the needs of the public. to achieve mental occupation while boosting the user's favor.

It is pointed out in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress that Chinese-style modernization is the modernization of the common prosperity of all the people. Common prosperity is not only the essential requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also the direction that our principles and policies adhere to for a long time. Grain mostly grasps the theme of "common prosperity" and practices the national policy with brand action, which has a great positive impact on the shaping of brand value and long-term brand construction.

Grain has cooperated with Kuaishou around the themes of rural revitalization and common prosperity for several years in a row. "raising eyebrows and getting rich together" project has won the gold medal of "industry category-food and beverage category". From the perspective of marketing value, the theme of the times is often closely related to scientific and technological progress, social change, cultural development and so on. These factors may become the starting point of marketing. And the theme of the times often has a wide range of social recognition and acceptance, grasping the theme of the times for marketing can more easily obtain the recognition and trust of consumers.

6. More fireworks and trust

With the accelerated penetration of online channels and the extension of live e-commerce, new brands are growing rapidly. More and more "players" realize that it is difficult to retain users only by relying on the question-and-answer mode on the track of live e-commerce.

With the continuous decline of the retention rate of the live broadcast room, "shopping" is no longer the only reason for netizens to stay in the live broadcast room, and the diversification of user demand promotes the upgrading of brand live broadcasting. To create a live studio with smoke and fire has become the consensus of many brands.

In terms of hot out of the circle, "Jinzi rush to bake" must be on the list. As a hot topic concerned by the whole people, how should Jiaqing brand carry out relevance and finally take advantage of marketing? Libai United Kuaishou to create "Huan 'wash' pyrotechnic gas broadcast room" effect is eye-catching, while winning "case category-live marketing category", "industry category-daily chemical / a care category" two gold awards.

This is not a simple opportunity, but the comprehensive enabling of live e-commerce scenes and super marketing IP on Kuaishou platform. Under the innovative marketing mode of Kuaishou "1+N+X", we will explore a new solution for quality success in the live broadcast era, and help Libai achieve multi-dimensional win-win results.

The marketing mode of content + e-commerce needs to be constantly innovated and developed to adapt to the changes of the market and meet the needs of consumers. Not only live streaming can create a smoky studio, but the creative content that brands usually output can echo social media and output more pyrotechnic brand content for consumers, so as to enhance the marketing effect and market competitiveness in the era of content e-commerce.

From the above six award-winning cases, it is not difficult to find that in the future, mobile marketing is by no means a simple traditional advertising operation mode such as buying traffic and buying booths. Traffic needs content to be packaged, content needs creativity to activate, and creativity needs culture to empower. Marketing has long been upgraded from a single-dimensional competition to a multi-dimensional comprehensive integration competition, only by actively dealing with these challenges, the brand can ride the wind and waves to walk in the forefront of development.

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