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New function of Photomator 3.3.The built-in watermarking tool

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, Pixelmator Team recently issued a press release, announced the release of Photomator 3.3 version update, focusing on the introduction of a new watermarking tool, and invited more Beta users to test the new file browsing function.

The biggest highlight of Photomator 3.3is the addition of a new photo watermarking function, which brings a simple and powerful photo watermarking method for iPhone and iPad users.

Officials say users' creative works can be protected by adding watermarks. After the user exports the photo, you can place the watermark by adding separate text or images, or repeatedly tile the watermark throughout the photo to increase security. The illustration attached to is as follows:

Watermarks are also useful for building your personal brand. Adding custom signatures or logos to photos can help people easily identify and find more of your work, especially if you are just beginning your photography career.

By default, the application provides six watermark presets, so you only need to replace the placeholder content with your own image or text, and users can save their own watermark presets for later use. For those who deal with a large number of photos, you can also watermark more than one image at a time.

The team behind Photomator also announced a new feature for the macOS version of the application. Soon, users will have access to a new file explorer that allows them to edit photos from external hard drives and import them into folders by dragging and dropping them into Photomator.

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