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Sony PS5 Slim got an IGN score of 8: smaller size and larger storage space, but the bracket should be bought alone.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, Sony launched the PS5 Slim game console this year, reducing the size of the original PS5 by 30%, expanding the storage space to 1TB, and switching to a "removable optical drive" design. The national version went on sale at the beginning of this month, with a digital version of 2999 yuan and a CD-ROM version of 3599 yuan.

▲ Picture Source Sony's official flagship store IGN today scored 8 points for this PS5 Slim game console, which is the same as the original PS5 and the recent stream handset "PlayStation Portal". collates the specific evaluation information as follows:

Sony's "revised" PS5 game console launched in 2023 is a little different from the previous version, but there is no "fundamental difference". Sony put the hardware in the original PS5 in a "more compact, thinner" design and switched to the 1TB SSD, thus gaining more storage space.

Sony claims that the PS5 Slim has been reduced by 30% compared to the original model, but it still looks "a bit big." in addition, users now need to spend an extra $30 ( Note: the stent is sold by the Bank of China) to buy the bracket separately, and it is a bit regrettable that if users don't want to pay, they have to leave the PS5 Slim horizontally.

Sony PS5 Slim parameter information attached to is as follows:

▲ Picture Source Sony's official flagship store Sony PlayStation 5 Slim game console (Bank of China) 2999 yuan direct link

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