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The TCLGreen Global Initiative has won several international awards to practice sustainable development with green technology.

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ESG has become an important index to measure the sustainable development of enterprises. Chinese enterprises actively promote the practice of ESG, which has received international attention and recognition. Among them, TCL, a representative company made in China, won international awards for its outstanding contributions in "science and technology empowerment, environmental protection education popularization, marine ecological protection" and so on.

The Polar Module scientific research expedition supported by TCL won the Medal of Honor of France. It is understood that the project plans to conduct a three-year expedition around Antarctica through a new offshore exploration ship, and a large amount of observation data collected will be transmitted to the global scientific community, providing an excellent opportunity for human society to study the Southern Ocean throughout the year, and eventually let more people understand the climate and marine biodiversity of the Southern Ocean.

TCL official partner "Polar Module" (Polar Pod) scientific research exploration project

The project is one of the deep practices of the TCLGreen Global Environmental Initiative on a global scale. As an active practitioner of ESG, TCL always regards green development as its long-term business strategy and global brand strategy. In 2022, TCL launched the TCLGreen Global Initiative to IP the corporate philosophy, calling on and promoting people from all walks of life to join the cause of green and sustainable development.

At the recent COP28 United Nations climate conference, Wei Xue, vice president of the TCL Technology Group, director of the ESG office and chairman of the TCL Public Welfare Foundation, said, "TCL Technology has promoted the ESG management system to a new strategic height, covering the non-financial index evaluation system to the relevant functional departments and industrial chains of the enterprise, and setting clear goals and plans. Every five years is a review cycle. To ensure the smooth realization of its own operational carbon neutralization by 2050.

In July this year, TCL put forward the "3050" goal and action plan of "achieving carbon peak no later than 2030 and carbon neutralization no later than 2050". In order to implement this plan, TCL forms a complete and efficient carbon reduction "combination punch" by building a green factory, developing green products and building a green industrial chain.

Up to now, TCL has built 13 international or national green factories, and successfully issued the first 1.5 billion yuan of green bonds in 2022 to support the construction of green factories in industries owned by TCL Technology, which is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 85200 tons per year; help more than 50 factories in 12 industries achieve intelligent management of energy systems, with a cumulative carbon reduction of about 150000 tons TCL photovoltaic low-carbon campus public welfare project has donated 20 schools across the country, which can provide 4071 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity in the whole life cycle of photovoltaic power stations, equivalent to saving about 13077 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 32257 tons, equivalent to planting 1.75 million trees.

TCLGreen wins German Reddot Red Dot Brand and Communication Design Award

As a global green brand label, TCLGreen has won a number of international awards. Among them, TCLGreen won the Best Social responsibility Marketing Award of Warner Brothers Discovery Group in 2022, Silver Award for Brand Integration in 2023, and Effie Globalization Gold Award in 2023 for its global influence in cross-border integration and creative communication. For its outstanding design in green products and installation art, it won the A'Design Gold Award in Italy, the Reddot Red Dot Brand and Communication Design Award in Germany, and the 2023 Architectural Product Design Award (ADA).

Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL, has pointed out many times that green development is not an option, but a must. After 42 years of development, TCL has formed the layout of three core industries: intelligent terminal, semiconductor display and new energy photovoltaic through the two main bodies of TCL industry and TCL technology, and gradually become an intelligent technology industry group with global competitiveness. In the future, TCL will continue to give full play to its scientific and technological advantages, actively implement the concept of ESG, and work with more global partners to promote green and sustainable development.

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