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Avita was granted a conditional autopilot test license for high expressways, and Avita 11 passed the L3 road test.

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Thanks to netizens Ah Hua Sam and 0x13217D4 for the clue delivery! According to news on December 22, Avita Motors announced that it has become one of the first companies to be granted conditional self-driving (L3) test license on high expressway.

Avita 11 cruise with 0-80km/h in many corners, many ups and downs, can be called the "hell" difficulty of the super 5000 km Chongqing high-speed road successfully passed the L3 self-driving test, obtained the test report certified by the China Automobile Research Institute.

It is understood that the watershed between "auxiliary driving" and "autopilot" of L3 autopilot means that drivers can "get rid of", "take off their feet" and "take off their eyes" under certain conditions. Vehicles can also be fully automatic acceleration, steering and braking under certain conditions.

The road test license of conditional autopilot (L3) expressway needs to go through a series of procedures such as closed venue test, autopilot ability assessment and expert evaluation by relevant departments in Beijing.

Although this function is currently only carried in test vehicles, the emergence of conditional autopilot (L3) road test license plate is of great significance in the field of intelligent driving. is attached to domestic car companies that have obtained L3 test license:

Dark blue car

Polar fox car

Zhiji car


BMW Group

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