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ASRock motherboard takes the lead in supporting Microsoft's dynamic light effect function and standardizes RGB ecology.

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, ASRock announced today that its motherboard will take the lead in supporting the RGB dynamic Light effect (Dynamic Lighting) function of Microsoft Windows 11 system, allowing users to control the RGB color of the motherboard without installing any third-party control software, and synchronize the RGB lighting effect with supported peripherals.

ASRock said that ASRock motherboard has achieved a technological breakthrough, leading the industry to support Microsoft's dynamic light effect function. If you want to try something new, you need to update the Windows 11 system to the 23H2 version, and download and install the Beta version firmware on ASRock's website to enable the dynamic light effect function. At this stage, users can control the onboard RGB lighting efficiency of ASRock motherboard, RGB / ARGB light strips or other supported USB external devices, such as RGB e-sports mouse and keyboard. search found that ASRock has now released Dynamic Lighting version 20231220.1, Intel 700x600 series and AMD X670 / B650 / A620 / X570 / B550 series motherboards have been able to support Windows 11 Dynamic Lighting function.

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