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2023Q3 foundry report: TSMC leads the pack with 59%, followed by Samsung with 13%.

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, market research firm Counterpoint Research recently released a number of information maps, summary report of the third quarter of 2023 global semiconductor, foundry share and smartphone application processor (AP) share.

Share of foundry revenue in Q3 2023 Share of foundry company revenue In Q3 2023, the global foundry industry showed a clear hierarchy in market share. TSMC, benefiting from N3 capacity increases and smartphone replenishment demand, dominated with an impressive 59% market share.

In second place was Samsung OEM, with a 13% share. UMC, GlobalFoundries and SMIC have similar market shares, each accounting for about 6%.

TSMC's significant lead highlights its technological strength and market leadership, setting the tone for the industry's trajectory in Q3 2023.

By technology node, the market was dominated by the 5/4nm segment with a 23% share in Q3 2023. This dominance stems from strong demand, especially from artificial intelligence and iPhones.

The market share of the 7/6nm segment remained stable, showing early signs of a recovery in orders in the smartphone market.

On the other hand, the 28/22 nm segment faces challenges due to inventory adjustments for web applications, while the 65/55 nm segment declines due to lower demand for automotive applications. attaches the original report address, interested users can read in depth.

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