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Gao de taxi starts the "New year's trip" campaign: including services such as popular business district dredging, drunken ride reporting, etc.

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1353584 clue delivery!, December 23 (Xinhua)-- Gaud taxi-hailing recently announced the launch of a special campaign for New year's travel, with officials saying it uses "three major capabilities" to ensure users' travel during the New year.

According to reports, from this year's winter solstice (December 22) to New Year's Day, travel peak will be ushered in all over the country. As the New year's Eve usually has a variety of New year's activities, so the popular business district has become a travel concentration area. The "dredging" service of the country's 100 most popular business circles launched this time (the specific list has not been released yet, waiting for follow-up updates), claims to recommend non-congested and easy-to-park boarding points around these business circles through data mining, so that users can more accurately select and go to the boarding point to facilitate rendezvous with drivers.

In addition, there is a "drunken ride" reporting service. If passengers have previously reported for drunken ride, Gaode taxi will synchronize the information to the online ride-hailing platform. At the same time, the system will also prompt passengers to share the itinerary, inform passengers to arrive at their destination and remind them to take their belongings and other information through functions such as IVR (Interactive Voice response) phone.

Another item also includes a "fare bodyguard" service. According to previous reports from, Gaode car-hailing announced the upgrade of its "fare bodyguard" service earlier this month, which can be actively involved in situations such as itinerary deviation, abnormal fare and driver detour, and now covers all the online car-hailing platforms of Gaode car-hailing cooperation.

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