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Deep Blue Automobile Law Department official WeChat online: some network self-media maliciously smear, must stop immediately

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Jia Yi for the clue delivery! December 23 news, Now more and more car enterprises legal department settled in the social platform, After Wei Xiaoli, BYD, Extreme Krypton, Extreme Fox and other car enterprises, Chang 'an Automobile's deep blue car legal department official micro bo also officially launched today.

The first blog post after @ Deep Blue Auto Legal Department entered Weibo was to criticize some "self-media" for publishing a series of false information without naming them.

Recently, we have noticed that some online self-media have published a series of false information about Deep Blue Automobile on public social platforms, a large number of malicious speculation and malicious smear methods without factual basis, which seriously damaged the reputation and image of Deep Blue Automobile. We strongly condemn this behavior and warn that such behavior must stop immediately.

We appeal to the vast number of netizens to maintain rationality and objectivity on the network, not blindly follow the trend, do not spread unconfirmed news, only we jointly maintain a healthy and fair network environment, so that the network can become a platform for us to obtain information and exchange ideas. At the same time, we should also learn to distinguish between true and false information and not be misled by false information.

In addition to supporting official rights protection, some users expressed doubts or disapproval in the comment area of this microblog. Some car owners complained that shortly after buying the Deep Blue S7, they were "stabbed" by the new "Smart Drive" model (Deep Blue S7i). Some people even bluntly said that "three days after picking up the car, you will encounter backstab" and @ Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Automobile.

According to previously reported, Chang 'an Automobile announced yesterday that it had obtained 17 L3 automatic driving road test licenses for high-speed roads, becoming the earliest and most single-batch enterprise to obtain L3 automatic driving test licenses for high-speed roads.

The vehicle with the automatic driving test license plate is Deep Blue SL03. It is equipped with L3 traffic congestion automatic driving system. It adopts multi-sensor fusion technology. It claims to realize structured road single-lane traffic congestion automatic driving, support automatic lane keeping and automatic following, automatically drive, follow and adjust the speed following the track of the target vehicle ahead, and ensure that the driver can maintain the takeover status through the driver status monitoring camera.

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