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Application and expression of Curve in Photography

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When referring to the "lines" in photography, we usually think of guide lines, split lines, diagonals, and so on. Most of these lines are expressed in the form of straight lines, with a feeling of firmness and simplicity.

The curve, is also a very noteworthy element, in many shooting scenes, a beautiful curve, can add a lot of color to the photo.

Generally speaking, curves have the following characteristics:

1. The smooth, silky beauty is different from the hard straight line, the curve will give people a sense of rhythm, rhythm, so that the picture has a sense of fluctuation.

At the same time, the curve also has a silky and smooth texture, giving people a soft feeling. When shooting portraits, specific products and other subjects that need to show the subject's own beauty, we can pay attention to capture the curve and use soft and smooth curves to enlarge the sense of beauty.

two。 In a photo, the diagonal is the longest straight line, so if we want to highlight an object that is longer, we tend to use focal line composition.

On the other hand, the curve can break through the limitation of picture space and show the length of the line with bending and various angles, so the curve is also very suitable for showing the length and continuous feeling of the object, and the curve also has a kind of endless feeling of "no end". It is very suitable to show the elements in a large scene, such as rivers, mountains, etc., in the overlooking angle, the curve will have a very good expressive force.

The curve can also be combined with a variety of composition, such as the curve combined with diagonal composition, can further highlight the sense of continuity, the length of the object performance incisively and vividly.

3. Motion if a straight line is an indomitable feeling, then the curve gives people a sense of silky movement and speed.

Let's get an intuitive feel through two photos:

The same as the tracks, the first straight track gives people a sense of progress, but the dynamic and visual impact is not so strong.

On the other hand, the curve itself is very dynamic, which strengthens the sense of movement of the vehicle and gives people a strong visual impact.

For moving and rhythmic objects, we can use techniques such as long exposure to enhance the performance through curves to make the photos have better visual effects.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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