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NIO Phone push Sky UI 1.2.0 system of Xilai mobile phone: upgrade the function of remote control of air conditioning speed, cooling and heating, and snow removal with one button.

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Shulou( Report-- December 23 news, Lulai NIO Phone business person Yin Shuijun announced the launch of Sky UI 1.2.0 system, new Nomi Mate image, NIOday dynamic wallpaper and other content, upgrade the remote control of air conditioning speed cold and hot, one-click snow removal function.

Updates are attached to

New image of Nomi Mate

The NOMI Mate image that accompanies the user in the car also appears on NIO Phone.

NIO DAY dynamic theme wallpaper

Input method layout update

Add new fusion layout and adjust the keyboard return key position.

Remote control of air conditioning speed, cooling speed, hot speed, one button to remove snow.

Through the NIO Link car control key one button to start the speed of cooling and hot, one button to remove snow and other functions.

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