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Great Wall third-generation Harvard H6 offers a time-limited discount: purchase tax free + 10,000 yuan cash subsidy

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Thanks to netizen West Window old clues delivery! December 23 news, Haval SUV announced last night, From now until December 31 launch Haval H6 model time-limited preferential policy, Including purchase tax exemption and 10000 yuan cash subsidy two parts. At the same time, the purchase of fuel models and DHT models can also enjoy the corresponding other welfare policies.

According to official website information, the price range of the third generation Haval H6 fuel model was originally 115,900 - 149,800 yuan, and the price range of Haval H6 new energy model was 159,800 - 173,800 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the time-limited discount for Haval H6 new energy vehicle has reached 15,000 yuan, equivalent to the price range of 144,800 - 158,800 yuan.

The third generation Haval H6 has a length, width and height of 4653/1886/1730mm respectively, a wheelbase of 2738mm, a 12.3-inch central control screen and an optional HUD head-up display.

In terms of power, the car provides 1.5T / 2.0T engine, DHT hybrid and DHT-PHEV plug-in hybrid, among which the maximum power of 1.5T engine is 135kW, the maximum power of 2.0T engine is 155kW, and the comprehensive power of DHT hybrid (oil-electric hybrid, unplugged) model is 179kW. The hybrid model has a comprehensive power of 240kW and a comprehensive endurance of 1150 km.

According to previously reported, in August this year, Haval announced that the cumulative global sales of H6 exceeded 4 million units. Since its inception in 2011, the car has completed three iterations in 12 years.

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