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Chengdu-Yibin high-speed railway (Chengdu-Yibin) has fully completed 8 new stations and entered the countdown to traffic.

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Shulou( Report--, December 23, according to news released by Chengdu, Chengdu-Yibin high-speed railway (Chengdu-Yibin high-speed railway) fully completed the debut of eight new stations, the opening of the project entered the final countdown.

Chengdu-Yi high-speed railway is a high-speed railway connecting Chengdu, Zigong and Yibin in Sichuan Province. it is an important part of China's "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network, with a total length of about 250 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

Tuyuan Chengdu official account (the same below) noted that the Chengdu-Yibin high-speed railway starts from Chengdu East Railway Station and runs through Chengdu, Ziyang, Neijiang, Zigong and Yibin. There are 12 stations on the line, including Chengdu East, Tianfu, Sancha Lake, Tianfu Airport, Ziyang West, Zizhong West, Weiyuan, Zigong, Yantan, Nanxi North, Yibin East and Yibin stations, among which Chengdu East Station and Zigong Station are existing stations. A total of 10 new stations have been built.

In addition to Sanchahu Station and Tianfu Station, eight new stations will be opened by the end of this year, namely Tianfu Airport, Ziyang West, Zizhong West, Weiyuan, Yantan, Nanxi North, Yibin East and Yibin stations.

After the completion and opening of the Chengyi high-speed railway, the Chengyi high-speed railway will be connected with the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway, the Chengdu-Guizhou high-speed railway and the Guiyang-Guangzhou high-speed railway. There will be a direct high-speed railway from Chengdu to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. It will take only 40 minutes from Chengdu to Zigong and about an hour from Chengdu to Yibin.

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