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The Little Red Book WILL Business Conference launches the "1x 3" product open matrix to help recommend and transform more efficiently.

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On December 22, Xiao Hongshu held a 2024WILL business conference called "everything can be recommended" in Shanghai.

At the meeting, Xiao Hongshu CMO Heng said that Xiao Hongshu is helping to successfully recommend many cross-industry products and services, from a car, a sofa and a mobile phone to service products, cultural experience, a game and so on. At the same time, recommendation has become the third kind of marketing paradigm, understand the right people, through the small red book crowd anti-funnel model, can help good products grow out in the small red book.

Bagpipes, vice president of technology at Little Red Book, said that Little Red Book is creating open and connected Little Red Book commercial products. He released the "1x 3" open product matrix on the spot, launched a data alliance "recommended number", upgraded version of telepathy, recommended global access and search direct, and three product solutions to help merchants achieve high-quality recommendations while achieving more efficient transformation.

Everything can be recommended, using the crowd anti-funnel to grow room for growth

Data show that by September 30, 2023, Xiaohongshu has identified more than 200,000 SPU (standardized product units, that is, items with the same attributes and characteristics) from more than 100 industries, which have been searched, discussed and "recommended" in Xiaohongshu. Zhiheng mentioned that when you open these SPU to look at the growth, you will find that the top 100 products efficiently recommended by Little Red Books are growing much faster than the market this year compared with last year. "in other words, the good products recommended by Little Red Books have really reversed the trend."

Zhiheng mentioned that products and services of different industries and formats can be recommended in Little Red Book. The secret behind this is that Little Red Book can help brands and merchants understand finer crowd needs, deeply understand consumers' decision links, and achieve efficient matching of products, people and needs. Many brands rely on this to find room for growth.

Zhiheng said, for example, EF Adult English, which costs nearly 30,000 yuan per guest, deeply understands the needs of users to learn English through Little Red Books, and thus finds the subdivided "blue ocean" demand scenarios of business English and social English under the Red Sea Raceway of Adult English, achieving immediate recommendation results, with GMV increasing nearly 10 times year-on-year.

Swan to Home is a platform that provides domestic life services. by matching data with Little Red Book, it is found that consumers have in-depth search and browsing behavior in the decision-making path, and will search for specific products from pan-demand. According to the data analysis, swans go home to make accurate recommendations in the consumer decision-making path. under the same delivery cost, the number of monthly lines has almost doubled, and the global conversion ROI is higher than 20.

According to Zhiheng, "this year we have seen a rapid growth in the search volume of Xiaohongshu, and user consumption is becoming more rational." After Xiaohongshu got through the link to convert data, it was found that users who placed orders on different platforms, including offline orders, had already done their "homework" and made a good decision before entering the trading market.

This change means that the traditional marketing paradigm is invalid. In the past, the channel is the king, shop goods into the channel, advertising wide coverage or drainage to the channel, discount to improve the channel sales rate. Now, first of all, we must have good products that can understand and meet the needs of users, plant grass finely and accurately, and the transformation will take place all over the world.

Zhiheng believes that what users need is not a product, but to meet a need. It can be rigid needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs. As a result, brand growth can break category restrictions and look for growth opportunities from finer crowd needs.

She cited Casati's water heater as an example. Casati's product is rich in strontium. Little Red Book observes that mother and infant, skin beauty and exquisite middle-class people have requirements for bath water quality. So Little Red Book gave the product a nickname "Little Private Soup", which made the water heater change from a small transparent tool bought at low frequency and hung cold outside the bathroom into a high-frequency association, steaming whitening artifact. Driven Casati brand search ranking in Xiaohongshu station from ninth to first, the search volume of products on e-commerce platform increased by 415% and ROI exceeded 9.

Zhiheng believes that Casati can break the circle because he pays attention to people and practices the unique marketing logic of Little Red Book-crowd anti-funnel, which is to find the core group whose needs best match the selling point of the product, and form a word-of-mouth among the core crowd. Then find the relevant crowd. "use the crowd anti-funnel to do product marketing in Little Red Book, with low threshold, high certainty and high efficiency." Zhi Heng said.

Launch "1-3" open product matrix to create open-connected commercial products

At the meeting, bagpipe, vice president of Little Red Book Technology, announced that Little Red Book will create open and connected Little Red Book commercial products. On the one hand, it will open up data cooperation, connect the front and back link data, and let "Little Red Book recommend and transform globally." the effect is measurable, the process can be optimized, and the transformation is more efficient. On the other hand, the search field of Little Red Book will also be more open.

The reason for the opening and connection, bagpipes said that in the past, the pre-link recommendation data on Little Red Book could not be connected with the conversion data scattered on various platforms. In the process of entering the customer, Little Red Book iterated its own cognition, "We are not only concerned about how to recommend it on Little Red Book, but also focus on global transformation and serve the full link of everyone's business operation. We are determined to build open and connected commercial products."

Based on the concept of openness and connection, bagpipes released the "1x 3" open product matrix on the spot. It includes a "recommended data alliance" to realize the fusion of multi-party data. At the same time, three commercial products are launched-telepathy with further upgrading of insight, recommendation global reach through brand and platform data cooperation, delivery optimization and scientific recommendation metrics, and search direct links between user needs and platform services to provide recommendation and transformation tools for brand merchants.

According to bagpipes, brands and partners that join the "recommendation data Alliance" can directly connect the recommendation data of Little Red Books and the conversion data of various platforms, so that brand merchants'"Little Red Books recommendation and Global Transformation" can be more measurable and can be optimized to improve the efficiency of operation. At present, the partners that have joined include, VIPSHOP, Dewu, Qunar, Meituan and other platforms, as well as more than 1000 brands to join.

In the speech, bagpipes launched "search Direct", which can help merchants directly transform the needs of users in the search field. On the search results page, users can jump to the store to buy, or through private messages to retain money, or through the store to form a purchase. In the future, search Direct will also have the ability of application direct investment, application call-up and other capabilities to further open up the search scene.

Data released on the site show that because of the usefulness of search and low barriers to use, 42% of new users use the search function on the first day they come to Xiaohongshu. 70% of the monthly active users of Little Red Book have search behavior, and search has become a daily habit of Little Red Book users. In the mass search of Little Red Book users every day, 88% are initiated by users.

The traffic of Little Red Book is growing rapidly in the search field, including 3C home appliances industry by 84% year-on-year, education industry by 173%, and travel industry by 242%.

Bagpipes said that they will continue to build open and connected commercial products, improve the quality and efficiency of recommendations, help good products, good services, and good business at different growth stages, and find their own business achievements in Little Red Book.

At the conference, Little Red Book and Kotler Consulting Group released the recommendation methodology of Little Red Book, which has become the third type of marketing paradigm, and the future marketing will be Human to Human (people-oriented marketing). At the same time, the conference released the Little Red Book featured crowd, 2024 marketing IP. In addition, the heads of BeBeBus, solemn Book Club, FILA, Ikea China, Songzan Group and other companies shared how to recommend "fancy" recommendations in Little Red Book.

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