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WeCom, Ali Yun and Hesi are on the list of Titanium Media's "Best Enterprise Service Brand of the year".

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Titanium Media 2023 EDGE AWARDS Global Innovation Award "Enterprise Service Brand of the year" was officially announced. Hesi, together with WeCom, Aliyun, Volcano engine and other enterprise service manufacturers on the list, won the "Enterprise Service Brand of the year".

In 2023, profound changes have taken place in the field of enterprise services, and the market environment and technological trends have become two opposite forces to promote enterprise self-innovation and make enterprise services more innovative, flexible and adaptable. This change is reflected not only in the deep integration of technology, but also in the overall innovation of the service model. The big model brings revolutionary opportunities, and a new round of reshuffle is destined to take place in some areas, but before we can be intelligent, we must first do a good job of digitization. Enterprise service has changed from the traditional, product-centered model to a new scenario model that pays more attention to customer needs and emphasizes service experience.

Excellent enterprise service brands not only pay attention to their own growth and development, but also promote the progress of the whole industry. As an agile financial revenue and expenditure management platform, Hesi was founded in 2014, committed to the innovation of cloud products and services, the use of digital technology and forward-looking ideas to serve future financial people. On the basis of widely connected ecological, two-wheel drive model innovation and independently developed "no reimbursement" solution, an agile financial revenue and expenditure management platform is further constructed. to provide enterprises with intelligent aggregate consumption, expense control reimbursement, receipt and payment management, financial revenue and expenditure operation analysis and electronic accounting files and other all-round financial digital services, liberate people's creativity and help enterprises to achieve karma integration.

Over the past nine years since its establishment, Hesi has always adhered to "customer-centered", thinking from the customer's point of view-- what kind of products and services are better, more suitable and more favorable for customer enterprises? instead of setting the goal to "let customers apply thoughtful products". For this reason, over the past 9 years, Hesi has expanded its ecological partners through extensive connections, connecting industrial solutions including chain operation, software Internet, biomedicine, high-end manufacturing, fast-selling new retailing, and college education through HOSE hoses, and through integration and delivery to tens of thousands of enterprise consumption application scenarios, so that customer enterprises can maximize benefits and effectiveness through financial digitization.

Welcome to the official account of "Hesi" Wechat to download the report.

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