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Chinese Academy of Sciences led the "White Paper on Chinese Velvet Velvet": 1500-2999 yuan medium and high-end velvet clothing price with TOP 1, Gaufin

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Recently, the White Paper on Chinese Velvet clothing has been officially released (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper). This white paper is led by the authoritative scientific research institution Chinese Academy of Sciences and professional velvet clothing brand Gao Fan, and written and released by fashion business media Vouge Business. It reveals the market pattern, consumer insight, category value, representative brand and development trend of the high-end velvet clothing industry one by one. Behind the white paper, it reveals the comprehensive thinking and effective inspiration of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vouge Business and Gaufin on the rise of down jacket industry, consumers and Chinese brands.

Inspiration one: hundreds of billions of down jacket track to high-end, professional science and technology is the key to the brand

According to data from the China Garment Association, the average annual compound growth rate of the market from 2016 to 2021 was 12.73%. The market size of down jacket reached about 169.2 billion yuan in 2022. Compared with the market data of the clothing industry, we can see that the growth rate of China's down jacket market is significantly higher than that of the large clothing industry, and it is in a period of rapid growth. In this high-speed track, the cloud map data reveals another perspective-- the down jacket market has grown by 34% year on year in the past year, and the year-on-year growth rate of high-price (800 yuan +) down jacket is significantly higher than that of the overall down jacket market, reaching 70%. It can be seen that the growth rate of the high-end down jacket market is higher than that of the overall down jacket market. Further analysis found that down jackets are increasingly becoming the growth engine of the high-end down jacket market, accounting for a significant increase in the total sales of down jackets in the past two years, from 8% to 18%.

Specifically, high-end brands such as Moncler and Gaufin have implemented a full range of velvet clothing strategies, while Canadian goose, Disant, four Seasons brands such as FILA and Longzi have also launched a series of high-end velvet clothing products. Thus it can be seen that down jacket has been promoted to the new favorite of high-end brands and has become a powerful engine to drive the overall growth of the down jacket market. In the face of this brand-new change in consumption pattern, how do industry brands seize the first-mover advantage to build brands and products?

Vouge business pointed out in the white paper: professional scientific and technological innovation empowers the growth point of the velvet clothing industry and drives brand upgrading. And take two professional velvet clothing brands as an example to disassemble how to solve the pain points of traditional consumption through professional science and technology. For example, Gao Fan is called "China Moncler" by the industry, but he is distinguished from Moncler by means of technology. Through the joint research on "Chinese Science Heat Storage Technology" by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the black gold velvet suit can quickly adapt to the cold outdoor weather and achieve a rapid temperature rise of + 2.5 ℃. It is the excellence of scientific and technological innovation that Gao Fan has become the brand with the largest number of invention patents in China's down jacket industry, and it also shows peers how to establish a good example of competition by professional narrative.

Inspiration 2: buying anxiety reveals the plight of the industry, good money driving out bad money is a must for brands to do their homework.

The down jacket purchase guide is a hot topic in autumn and winter. Because as a professional functional clothing, there is a certain cognitive threshold for the selection of down jacket. with fillings alone, in addition to the dispute between different kinds of goose down and duck down, the professional terms such as fluffiness, down content and cleanliness are confusing. Therefore, a small number of unscrupulous businesses aim at poor information and launch inferior down jackets to make fast money, while the mixed market situation further aggravates consumers' purchase anxiety. How to maintain a healthy market order and let consumers "close their eyes to buy" is a common problem for scientific research institutions, media and industry brands to face.

In the selection and purchase of cashmere seeds, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made a distinction between ordinary velvet and Gaufin flying velvet: flying velvet sets the highest standards in the industry with the three values of more warm, rarer and more natural. Overall, there are four kinds of fillers in the down jacket market-white goose down, grey down, white down, grey down, white down is the most expensive, grey down is the cheapest. First of all, the cost of goose down is higher than that of duck down, which has been analyzed by many media, but few media have analyzed the difference between velvet. Gao Fan is the first brand in the industry to establish "Flying Velvet" enterprise standard and "Flying Velvet" exclusive base.

Gaufin's flying velvet comes from the heart of the world's five golden velvet belts, including Siberian, Canadian, Hungarian, Chinese and Czech flying white geese, the only domesticated goose in the world that can fly. Ice sheet stocking way makes the velvet bigger and fuller, better protection from the cold, and obtained RDS certification, cleanliness up to 1000mm, ensuring clean and odor-free. It can be said that the establishment of this standard has greatly eliminated consumers' purchase anxiety. The word Flying Velvet is synonymous with high-end luxury and warmth.

Inspiration 3: Gao Fan breaks the chain of fashion brand disdain and returns to quality is the direction of brand rise.

Once upon a time, Chinese consumers' understanding of high-end velvet clothing came from the price education of international brands such as Canada and Moncler. The unit price of tens of thousands of products raised consumers' price expectations. However, with the rise of China's own brands, the ranking of down jacket market has changed. Vouge business pointed out in the white paper: professional down jacket brand, specializing in down jacket brand and four seasons regular clothing brand constitute the Chinese down jacket market. At the same time, the competition pattern of Chinese down jacket market is clear, Gaofan and Moncler monopolize the high-end professional down jacket track. From the rise of the Chinese down jacket market in the 1970s to the entry of international brands into the Chinese market at the beginning of this century, and then to the rise of local high-end brands, the top of the down jacket disdain chain finally appeared the figure of Chinese brands!

This is also the real significance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vouge business and Gao Fan's "White Paper on Chinese Velvet Velvet", which is to clean up misunderstandings, build Chinese people's confidence in Chinese local down jacket brands, and return to quality consumption from international brand superstition. Well-known media people put forward their personal opinions on this issue: although history is an element that cannot be changed, science and technology can still be the key to breaking through the monopoly of discourse power in the West. In other words, the purpose of the high standard created by Gao Fan is not only to get a piece of the down jacket track, but to use the extreme product experience to smooth out the inherent cognitive differences at home and abroad in the high-end wave.

When a country's independent brand development process can not be reversed, it is the best way to establish a new impression of China's high-end brands to meet the challenges of the international market with unquestioned scientific and technological strength, product power and fashion strength. At the same time, in addition to the efforts of the brand itself, it has also made positive support at the national policy level. In 2021, policy empowerment, China's clothing industry ushered in a period of high-quality development. In the fourth part of the country's 14th five-year Plan, "forming a strong domestic market and building a new development pattern", it is pointed out that we should carry out actions to create Chinese brands, protect and develop Chinese time-honored brands, and enhance the influence and competitiveness of independent brands. take the lead in cultivating a number of high-end brands in consumer goods such as cosmetics, clothing, home textiles and electronics.

It is in response to this positive call that authoritative scientific research institutions and head industry media have also participated in the wave of independent brand construction in China, with the former providing scientific research support and the latter providing content narrative. While Chinese brands such as Gaufin velvet clothing, as the leader and co-creator, polish the ultimate products based on the needs of users, and continue to lead demand upgrading and industry upgrading through technological innovation and luxury standards.

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