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Musk experimented with headphones on seals in order to launch rockets.

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The original title: "Musk kidnapped a seal to do such a thing in order to shoot a rocket?" "

Guess, what does launching a rocket have to do with seals?

At first glance, it seems irrelevant, but among Musk's own complaints, this may be one of the biggest difficulties in launching a rocket. Even in order to launch the rocket smoothly, SpaceX had to kidnap the seals and put on headphones to see if the rocket launch would affect their desire to reproduce.

Huh? (E6 treble version) it really stabs the buttocks and opens the eyes, so what are they doing?

Musk spoke to the anchor LexFridman a while ago and talked about some of the difficulties he overcame when launching a big rocket.

When everyone thought he would talk about some technical difficulties, he turned around and talked about something interesting, that is, the supervision of the rockets was a bit exaggerated.

Musk said that the difficulty in determining the launch time of rockets is generally not the manufacture of rockets, but the fact that regulators and various animal organizations have asked him to investigate all aspects of safety issues. Of course, in my opinion, a security check is necessary, but Musk thinks some of the details are a bit excessive.

For example, the launch of the starship has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, but it still needs to wait for the Fish and Wildlife Administration's analysis and advice on the environment.

Musk was also angry and said he wanted to buy a fishing license.

The environmental concerns of these regulators involve many aspects, such as sharks worried that the rocket will fall into the sea.

Yes, although sharks live in the sea, they are also afraid of throwing objects from the sky.

This is the truth, but although the shark is also very big, but the ocean is larger, Musk believes that the probability of hitting the shark is basically zero.

However, zero probability does not mean impossible, or there must be a process of proof to show that the probability is very low. The easiest way is to let SpaceX get the shark distribution information and then calculate it. But regulators said they could not, for fear that the disclosure of the information would lead to hunters catching sharks.

There are many similar cases, and just a few months ago, an association jumped out and said that a falling rocket might hit a whale in international waters.

Recall this, let Musk smile more, after all, if you follow this line of thinking, the Rockets can not fall into the sea. He complained that it was better to look at the size of the Pacific Ocean. If it could be hit, the whale would probably be the chosen one, and the fate of the whale would be unlucky.

However, in fact, there are experts.

Musk continued to complain that the most interesting thing was the launch of the rocket at the Vandenberg space launch site, and regulators were worried that the noise of the launch would frighten the seals and affect the breeding of local seals.

There are indeed a large number of seals living near that base, and whether rocket noise affects their lives is also a topic of constant discussion.

But Musk obviously has a headache and says rockets have been launched here for years, but the seal population is growing. If you have to associate rocket launch with seals, it means that rocket noise is an aphrodisiac for seals.

Despite the pain in the eggs, due to environmental regulations, he had to hire someone to kidnap the two seals, then fasten them to the plank, fasten their headphones and let them listen to the launch of the rocket to see if it was scared and didn't want to mate. When he said that he was already a son of a bitch, he couldn't help laughing.

And stressed that this has really happened, and there has been such information on the Internet before, almost 10 years ago.

The most interesting thing, he said, was that the seal ended up extremely calm, and it seemed that the sound of the rocket had no effect on them, but it was not known how much psychological shadow it had been caught to do the experiment.

After all, if you are a seal, you feel like you are about to be eaten.

In fact, in 2017, there were still reports of seals near Vandenburg, when staff said the local wildlife was probably getting used to it. In addition, they have been authorized by the Marine Fisheries Administration to know how to monitor wild animals, and then regularly report numbers, deaths, and so on.

In addition, if you want to launch a rocket, the environmental issues you need to pay attention to are actually quite complicated. An environmental assessment document on Falcon 9 assessed whether it would affect wild animals such as red-legged frogs, sea otters, sea dogs, blue whales, fin whales, birds and so on, as well as air problems, noise problems, waste pollution problems, and so on.

Of course, we have to be careful, because it may not only be sprayed, but also wild animals will really be affected by human activities.

In 2021, environmental groups in Texas said the SpaceX launch site threatened wildlife, saying the rocket explosion would affect the lives of sea turtles and hundreds of bird species.

Every rocket explosion is disgusting to some environmental groups because the rocket debris is scattered over wildlife habitats and the clean-up can take months to complete.

In 2022, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service released a report that SpaceX rockets caused the death of endangered birds because their habitats were halved.

But then again, the program belongs to the program, and it's outrageous to catch the seal for a hearing test.

Musk complained with a smile, saying it was hard to imagine how the seal would describe his experience to his friends when he got home. Who knows, the family thought they were going to be a dish, but they were buckled on their headphones and let go after listening to the sound of the rocket launch for a while. Would seals believe it when they said it?

He said it was like telling a friend that you were taken by an alien and then tied to a spaceship, but the other person went to a lot of trouble and only gave you a health test with an anorectal probe.

What's more, they did the experiment twice. Fortunately, they are two different seals, otherwise they may not be able to make the seals depressed.

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