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How to use the common command objdump in Linux

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This article will explain in detail how to use the commonly used Linux command objdump for you. The editor thinks it is very practical, so I share it for you as a reference. I hope you can get something after reading this article.

The Linux common command objdump command is a gcc tool that uses to view the object file or the composition of the executable object file.

Syntax format: objdump [parameters] [file]

Common parameters:-a displays archive member information, like ls-l lists lib*.an information-g shows debug information-d disassembles those specific instruction machine codes from objfile section-D is similar to-d, but disassembles all section-f displays the overall header summary information of each file in the objfile-H short help information-s displays the complete contents of the specified section. By default, all non-empty section will be displayed with reference instance to view the information in the archive file:

[root@linux265 ~] # objdump-a libmy2.a displays the contents of the text segment in the mytest.o file:

[root@linux265] # objdump-- section=.text-s mytest.o 's article on "how to use Linux commands objdump" ends here. I hope the above content can be helpful to you so that you can learn more knowledge. if you think the article is good, please share it for more people to see.

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