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Sina Group has reached a cooperation with Huawei to officially launch Hongmeng native application development.

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Hongmeng welcomes the important new development again! On November 16, Sina Group and Huawei held the launching ceremony of Hongmeng native application development, announced the official launch of Hongmeng native application development of Weibo and Sina News, and carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in technological innovation, industrial application, business cooperation and other fields. Since Hongmeng native applications were launched in an all-round way, more and more important Internet applications have embraced Hongmeng ecology, forming a flourishing scene of "Hongmeng Qianfan".

From left to right: Zhang Sijian, vice president of global ecological development and sales of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, Zhu Yonggang, President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, Wang Wei, Weibo COO, Sina Mobile CEO, Yang Mingwei, General Manager of Weibo Channel

As the two top apps of Sina Group, Weibo and Sina News now have hundreds of millions of daily active users. It has become a habit for many people to "discover new things" on Weibo and browse authoritative information on Sina News. Ploughing the Internet industry for more than 20 years, Sina Group continues to explore new technologies and service models in order to bring better user experience to users, while building Hongmeng native applications is another upgrade and breakthrough in service and business model for Sina Group.

"Sina and Huawei have a history of friendly cooperation for more than ten years and appreciate Huawei's indomitable fighting spirit," Weibo COO and Sina Mobile CEO Wang Wei said at the launching ceremony. Sina is willing to stand side by side with Huawei Hongmeng and join hands to participate in and witness the growth of Hongmeng ecology. "

Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, said: "Sina Group and Huawei have a solid foundation of cooperation. In the future, Huawei will rely on the continuous service of Hongmenduo entrance and full scene, the ability of large model and AI intention framework, to help Sina Group's high-quality content reach users more efficiently, more accurately and actively, achieve continuous user activity and in-depth transformation, and obtain better business value. Share new traffic in the Internet of everything era. "

Thanks to the cross-terminal support of HarmonyOS, the development cost of the native applications of Weibo and Sina News Hongmeng will be significantly reduced, and the development of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other multi-terminals can be completed with a set of code. Through Hongmeng's unique distributed technology, content can be transferred to watches, tablets, cars, and other full-scene devices, and information can be easily browsed on any device anytime, anywhere, while improving the efficiency of obtaining user information. it also greatly improves the efficiency of getting customers, forming a virtuous circle.

In its fourth year, HarmonyOS has built a number of differentiated and advantageous experiences based on its strong pedestal capabilities. As of August this year, the number of Hongmeng ecological equipment has exceeded 700 million, and more than 2.2 million developers have devoted themselves to Hongmeng ecological development. HarmonyOS 4 is widely loved by consumers, upgrading more than 100 million devices in three months, making it the fastest version of HarmonyOS in history. In the future, Huawei will work with partners to irrigate Hongmeng ecology, share new ecological opportunities, and create a new future of the Internet of everything.

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