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Western Digital has shipped 24TB CMR hard drives in bulk.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 17, Western Digital issued a press release yesterday, announcing the start of mass shipments of 10-disc 24TB CMR series mechanical hard drives for super-large, cloud and enterprise data center customers.

Western Digital said in a press release that since the launch of the new 28TB SMR HDD in August this year, it has been actively recognized by customers in the industry, and that production will be further increased next, and that 26TB SMR HDD EB will be launched in the first quarter of fiscal 2024, further consolidating its leading position in the SMR market.

Ed Burns, director of hard disk and storage technology research at IDC, said: through these new products, Western Digital has once again demonstrated that hard drives are not only keeping up, but also opening up a way forward to ensure a solid foundation for today's and future data-intensive applications.

We see strong momentum in Western Digital's SMR HDD and believe that SMR adoption will continue to grow as their new 28 TB SMR hard drives provide the next compelling TCO value proposition that cloud customers cannot ignore.

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