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Microsoft CEO Nadella: AI tools will lower the barriers to entry for software development, and the industry still needs skilled programmers

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently accepted an exclusive interview with the MIT Technology Review to share his views on artificial intelligence and the shift in the developer platform.

Nadella says the developer platform is currently shifting in importance from mainframes to desktops or from desktops to mobile devices. At the same time, he believes that AI tools will lower the barriers to entry for software development, improve the productivity of existing developers, and eventually lead to a new era of creativity.

▲ source Bing Chat will be "very different" this time, mainly because, in his view, AI will drive a "creative revolution" so that anyone can easily create new jobs, including code.

As for whether AI will affect the work and income of programmers, Nadella believes that the industry will still have a demand for skilled programmers, their jobs will change, and even have more job opportunities. Nadella estimates that 1 billion developers will use their own platform, including those with little previous programming experience.

According to previous reports from, Nadella said in a recent interview with Axel Springers, "I think it is necessary for AI to carry out a certain degree of global governance, and there must be some competition in the governance process. If we want to form a successful AI regulatory mechanism, we need to cooperate globally like the International Atomic Energy Agency."

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