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V Society released the update for the 25th anniversary of "half Life": the game is given away for free, join 4 multiplayer game maps and launch Steam Deck handheld.

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Shulou( Report--, November 18, Half-Life is a FPS game launched by V Society on November 19, 1998. It has been 25 years since.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the V Society launched the "half Life" exclusive event page, released a new interview with the HL1 development team, shared their memories of creating their first game, and launched a commemorative update. At the same time, "half a Life" is now available for free and applies to everyone. noted that half Life has added four new multiplayer maps, created by V Club level designers, to break the limits of the engine.

The V Society updated its graphics settings to play games in the way it did in 1998.

Wide screen field of view

Disable the option for texture smoothing on the GL renderer

Lighting repair, including long-lost GL Overbright support

Software rendering on Linux

Half Life has added support for game consoles and Steam networks, has passed Steam Deck handheld certification, can play at 800p resolution, and improves controls and UI.

The update brought back the classic V Society's iconic opening animation and music, and redesigned the menu to match the 1998 version.

In addition, V Society also shared "half a Life" high-definition wallpaper, as follows:

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