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Chongqing Telecom Tianyi Cloud computer free experience for 2 months, followed by 9.9 yuan per month

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Thanks to netizens for your clue delivery! According to news on November 18, Tianyi Yun computer is a new model to replace traditional computers. It is not only a usable office computer, but also allows users to access Tianyi Yun computer in the form of mobile phone, Pad and other terminals + App + account password.

China Telecom Chongqing customer service post, Chongqing Telecom mobile phone users can handle Tianyi cloud computer for free for 2 months, starting from the third month 9.9 yuan per month. noted that the standard version of the cloud computer for this free experience is configured with 4-core CPU, 8 GB of memory, 80 GB of hard disk, 50 MB of downlink bandwidth and 4 MB of uplink bandwidth. Cloud computer client supports download and installation of Windows, Android and Apple operating systems, and supports login of PC, computer, mobile phone, thin terminal and other terminals.

Cloud computers provide a variety of image and text processing applications, supporting editing and processing of all kinds of documents and charts. At the same time, users can download and install optional graphics and text management software through the cloud computer application market, and provide mail client applications to meet the editing needs of sending and receiving emails. at the same time, users can also log in to the mailbox to receive and send mail through the browser.

Cloud computers support web video playback and download and install VOD and live videos played by selected video clients in the cloud computer application market; download large files (movies, game data) without occupying terminal bandwidth traffic, and can close the terminal to keep downloading on the cloud.

Tianyi Yun computer can be used with a variety of mainstream peripherals such as docking station, wireless keyboard, keyboard and mouse.

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