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Wechat announced further crackdown on illegal short dramas: 114 off shelves and 163accounts disposed of

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Shulou( Report--, November 18, Wechat Coral Security issued a notice on further strengthening the governance of the content of skits last night, saying that recently, the platform found that some skits contain pornographic and vulgar, bloody violence, bad values and other illegal content, some accounts are related to the illegal promotion of illegal skits, such content destroys the ecology of the platform, and the platform will further strengthen the governance of illegal skits.

According to reports, the focus of governance includes bizarre and exaggerated themes, bad value orientation, pornographic and vulgar content, and illegal marketing promotion. Recently, the platform has disposed of a total of 114 illegal short dramas from Mini Program and 163 Mini Program accounts that have released them in serious violation.

As previously reported by, at the end of last year, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television organized a special rectification of online microdramas such as "Mini Program" and achieved positive results. After the end of the special rectification work, the SARFT turned the management work of network short plays into normalization.

The first is to establish a mechanism for biweekly reporting and disposal data and a mechanism for issuing bulletins on a regular basis. Since March 2023, Douyin, Kuaishou, Tencent, bilibili, Xiao Hongshu, good videos and other platforms have issued public announcements for a total of more than 40 periods, cleaning up more than 350000 episodes (articles) and 20.55 million minutes of vulgar and harmful online microdramas. Grade disposal of the spread of vulgar harmful network microdrama "Mini Program" 429, 2988 accounts.

The second is to establish the mechanism of network short drama "blacklist". It is required that the network audio-visual platform should earnestly assume the main responsibility, timely report the illegal network short plays, summarize them into the "blacklist", inform the whole industry, supervise the timely removal of the whole network platform, and promote joint participation in governance. effectively prevent illegal network miniseries from shifting positions and changing vests.

In the next step, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television will continue to improve the regular management mechanism and strengthen and refine the management measures from seven aspects:

The first is to speed up the formulation of the detailed rules for the creation, production and content examination of network short dramas.

The second is to study and promote the online short drama App and "Mini Program" to be brought into the daily institutional management.

The third is to establish Mini Program "blacklist" mechanism and network short drama push statistical mechanism.

The fourth is to entrust the China Network Audiovisual Association to carry out the daily monitoring of network short plays.

The fifth is to promote industry self-discipline and mutual supervision, and the whole industry will work together to resist illegal network microdramas.

The sixth is to carry out another one-month special rectification work, focusing on the guidance, title, content, aesthetics, personnel, publicity, broadcasting and other aspects of network short plays to increase the handling and exposure of illegal network short plays, and further optimize algorithm recommendation, improve the advertising push audit mechanism, and achieve immediate results.

Seventh, strengthen the guidance of creative planning and continue to create masterpieces.

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