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It is reported that Marvell Meiman Electronics will abolish the SSD department in Taiwan, and it is said that "200 people will be destroyed directly".

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Thanks to netizen kinja for the clue delivery! news on November 20, according to a report by the Taiwan media Industrial and Commercial Times, the SSD department of Marvell in Taiwan is said to have been abolished, allegedly "directly destroyed" and laid off by 200 people, but the Industrial and Commercial Times checked with the company's Taipei office and was not confirmed by the company internally.

Marvell's layoff policy is not limited to Taiwan. Marvell began to lay off Chinese mainland's research and development team in October last year, and recently announced that it will lay off a large number of employees in the SSD department in Taiwan.

According to "people in the industry," Marvell is only limited to abolishing the SSD department in Taiwan. "Marvell Taiwan does not have much SSD master supply, and it is expected that the impact of the abolition of this department on the market should be limited," while other departments continue to operate normally, and severance pay is calculated on the basis of the seniority of the staff.

It is reported that the employees laid off by Marvell at Chinese mainland are said to be in contact with new owners such as Xinyuan, ZTE Microelectronics and Jinglue, while the employees of Marvell SSD in Taiwan are also expected to be taken over by their peers.

After inquiry, learned that Marvell's revenue declined in all aspects in the second quarter of this year, and revenue in the second quarter fell 1.4% from a year earlier, or about $1.33 billion ( Note: currently about 9.603 billion yuan). In October 2022, Marvell announced that it would abolish most of its Chinese mainland research and development team. In March 2023, it was reported that Marvell would lay off all Chinese mainland's R & D team, and the company planned to transfer resources to Vietnam to set up an R & D center.

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