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Leaked database files show that "GTA 5" originally had a plan to produce plot DLC.

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Shulou( Report-- November 20 news, according to foreign media Wccftech reported that "GTA 5" (Grand Theft Auto 5) has not released a drama DLC as of today, but from a recent discovery, R Star does seem to have plans to produce a plot DLC.

The source Liam posted on the X platform a few days ago that the program database files of "GTA 5" have been exposed, and the data reveal some "interesting information" about the game: it further confirms that the pre-existing plot DLC was eventually deleted and may have been made into "GTA Online" content.

It said the program database leaked strings related to Trevor and the jet pack, adding that the "apocalyptic robbery" mission in "GTA Online" could have been part of the plot DLC.

At the same time, the leak also suggests that R Star is about to release "bully Rooney 2" because there is a string that mentions the game. But given that R Star seems to be focusing on developing "GTA 6", there is a good chance that players will not see "bully Rooney 2" in the short term.

▲ Source Liam according to previous reports by, the source Tez2 has revealed that "GTA 5" does have a plot DLC, and R Star has planned a new DLC for it before it is released, just like "GTA 4". However, the plan changed in the middle and late 2014, and the boom of "GTA Online" was unexpected, so the plot DLC of "GTA 5" was cancelled.

The plot DLC of "GTA 4" is "GTA: the Chapter of Free City", which contains "loss and Curse" and "the Song of Nightlife".

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