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Beth Explorer Digital display Fast charging Mobile Power supply: translucent Future Science and Technology Design

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The mobile power supply on the market is dazzling, and the shape design is the same, like a product carved out of a mold. Simple, round appearance and basic functions have become the norm in the industry. however, in this stereotyped design, is there a product that can lead the charging trend in the future? The digital fast-charging mobile power supply of the Beth Explorer subverts the tradition with a transparent machine armor design and brings a higher degree of identification. its cool appearance looks like a future high-tech device, through the shell clearly visible circuit boards and precision devices, more sense of technology.

The design of semi-permeable machine armour with the sense of science and technology in the future

The digital fast charge mobile power supply of the Beth Explorer has led a future exploration of science and technology with the transparent machine armor design. Its cool appearance looks like a future high-tech device, through the shell clearly visible circuit boards and precision devices, people seem to be in the future world of technology. This is not only a portable battery, but also a unique exploration of future science and technology.

Portable size and lightweight design: unfettered, under control

The compact size (93mm x 72.2mm x 28.7mm) and lightweight weight (about 245.7 grams) make the Beth Explorer a convenient companion to recharge. Its compact figure and the appearance of the future sense of technology complement each other, so that you are free to take it with you. And 10000mAh's high-capacity battery contains powerful energy in the compact body, providing you with digital life support for a whole day.

Digital display screen and multi-protocol charging: intelligent charging experience

Beth explorer digital fast charge mobile power supply is equipped with visual digital display screen, clear and bright, so that users can know the remaining power of the power supply at any time. As for the multi-protocol charging design, the Type-C interface supports 18W output and the USB interface supports 22.5W output, which is compatible with mainstream brands such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Glory and other mainstream brands, ensuring that the devices at hand can be charged efficiently without the trouble of multiple chargers. Whether it is a rechargeable phone or a tablet, Beth Explorer can charge efficiently in a short time and meet the electricity demand at any time.

Strong endurance and multiple protection mechanisms

The high-capacity battery of the digital fast-charging mobile power supply 10000mAh injects a strong endurance into the product from morning to evening without having to worry about the lack of power. Intelligent matching output current design, according to different equipment and charging stage intelligent adjustment, safe cycle discharge, making the battery life longer. Multiple protection mechanisms, such as over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, temperature, over-current, etc., ensure the safety of users in the process of use.

Low current mode and two-way fast charging: a more intimate design

Turn on the small current mode, the product is stable and continuous charging, especially suitable for charging low power devices, such as Bluetooth headset, smart bracelet, small fan, electric toothbrush and so on. The two-way fast charging function not only provides fast charging for external devices, but also enables the product itself to restore power more quickly. This design fully takes into account the different needs of users and provides a more intimate charging solution.

New national standard and high quality battery

In line with the new national standard, the use of high-quality polymer lithium cell to ensure the stability and durability of the power supply. Multiple protection mechanisms include over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, temperature, over-current, over-power, etc., which make the product more reliable in use and make users feel more at ease.

Beisi has been adhering to the product concept of "practical and beautiful", and strives to integrate science and technology with beauty, so that the products are not only excellent in function, but also eye-catching in appearance. The digital fast charge mobile power supply of the Beth Explorer is a vivid embodiment of this concept. Charging in the future, Beth will go with you to inject more practicality and beauty into your digital life. With its innovative design, intelligent function and excellent performance, Beth Explorer Digital display Fast charging Mobile Power supply provides users with an integrated and efficient mobile charging solution. In daily life and travel, Beth Explorer Digital Fast charge Mobile Power supply will become your right-hand man anytime, anywhere, so that you can say goodbye to power anxiety and enjoy digital life.

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