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The choice of compliance in the digital age: selling easy CRM helps enterprises raise the sail for safety

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Shulou( Report--

In the digital age, especially for those companies that intend to expand their international business, in addition to pursuing business growth and expansion, ensuring business security and compliance has also become a vital task. Sea-going enterprises must strive to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, and strictly abide by the laws and regulations of different countries and regions. Therefore, in the digital age, the establishment of safe and stable sea business has become an important problem for all sea enterprises to be solved urgently.

With the global stepping into the digital age, the continuous strengthening of data protection and network security laws and regulations have put forward strict requirements for enterprise operation and management. The introduction of China's domestic Network Security Law, data Security Law and personal Information Protection Law, as well as the international EU General data Protection regulations (GDPR), all mean that enterprises face higher compliance pressure in dealing with user data, network security and so on.

It is critical for enterprises to ensure compliance with data protection and network security regulations. This includes formulating and implementing strict data management policies, strengthening information security technology and control measures, and training employees on compliance awareness. At the same time, because of the complexity and stringency of regulatory requirements, many companies choose to look for service partners with rich compliance experience in order to better meet regulatory challenges.

These compliance service partners can provide enterprises with professional legal advice, compliance policy formulation, data security technical support, etc., to help enterprises comply with various laws and regulations while ensuring the smooth development of business. Working with compliance service partners can help enterprises better understand and comply with the regulatory requirements of different countries and regions, reduce the risk of fines for violations, and ensure compliance operations in the international market.

As a digital platform for storing a large amount of customer data, CRM is facing more stringent compliance tests under the current situation. How to help users comply with the laws and regulations of different countries and help enterprises with overseas business to meet various requirements in terms of data security and compliance is also a necessary capability standard for the internationalization of CRM.

As the leading brand of CRM in China, Sale Yi always puts the security of products and services in the first place, and sets up a data Protection Officer (DPO) and security team to actively match with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, so as to provide customers with products and services with high stability, strong security and low compliance risk. At present, Sale Yi has passed the third-level certification of information security protection, ISO27001 information security management system certification, ISO20000 information technology service management system, ISO9001 quality management system, ISO27701 privacy information management system and CCRC-App security certification qualification, and is the only CRM manufacturer in China to obtain CCRC certification, and is in a leading level in the same industry.

At the same time, Sale Yi has been practicing user privacy related work to the highest standards, ensuring that customers / users' personal data are handled under GDPR privacy compliance standards, and working with Ernst & Young, an internationally renowned consulting firm, to conduct regular GDPR privacy compliance reviews of easy sales products, to continuously optimize and improve the maturity of sales Yi privacy compliance to meet the security compliance needs of overseas companies and overseas businesses. At present, in the field of information security, Sale Yi has accumulated 5 invention patents, far ahead of its counterparts in the industry.

In addition, Sale Yi, as a domestic SaaS manufacturer, has been selected as an international authoritative research institution Gartner sales Automation Magic Quadrant report for 7 consecutive years, indicating that its product capability in the field of sales automation is at a world-class high level, and leads international manufacturers in many capability indicators such as mobility, visual analysis and collaborative ability. The leadership of these capabilities makes sales easy to become a world-class product that leads the development of the industry.

Sales Yi is supporting Schneider Electric, Eaton, Daijin Air conditioning, Johnson controls, Trane Technology and other multinational companies to better land in the Chinese market, as well as to serve Liugong, Sany, Hynolta, BGI, Haikang Visa, DJI and other domestic well-known enterprises to sail overseas markets steadily. Sales Yi Southeast Asia Branch has also successfully helped Prudential, Huawei Cloud, REDtone, A Plus Boss, UKISS, Infinity Medical and other enterprises to improve their local business growth capacity. These successful cases also prove the competitiveness and influence of easy sales in the domestic and international markets.

Over the past 12 years, Sale Yi strives to develop and make progress with customers, from the safety construction of enterprises to the continuous optimization and updating of product safety capability design, to help overseas enterprises comply with the privacy compliance requirements of different countries and regions and smoothly carry out business at home and abroad.

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