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Sources say Microsoft is ready to take over more than 700 OpenAI employees: free up space, upgrade servers, and mobilize HR staff

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Shulou( Report--, November 22, according to foreign science and technology media axios, Microsoft has adjusted its LinkedIn office in San Francisco, including office space adjustment, development equipment, and so on, in order to prepare for the influx of OpenAI employees.

Touyuan: Flickr reported that the LinkedIn office is only 10 minutes away from OpenAI headquarters, and if OpenAI employees leave to join Microsoft, Microsoft can create a good working environment for them to get into work quickly.

Nearly 734 OpenAI employees have signed up to threaten to leave, demanding the resignation of the board, the return of Sam Altman as chief executive and the return of co-founder and former president Greg Brockman. Since OpenAI employs 770 people, the proportion has exceeded 95%. learned from the report that in order to cope with the possible entry of OpenAI employees, on the one hand, Microsoft readjusted the internal office configuration of LinkedIn, upgraded the cluster servers used for training AI, and deployed and purchased a number of Mac equipment to ensure that OpenAI employees can quickly get into work after joining.

In addition, Microsoft has mobilized legal and human resources personnel to be ready to handle recruitment and induction.

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