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Operation of the first "Power Rubik's Cube" distribution station in Southern Power Grid: fully pre-installed design, equipped with two-way DC vehicle charging and discharge piles

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Shulou( Report--, November 22, China Southern Power Grid Company's first fully pre-installed near-zero-carbon landscape distribution station was put into operation in Shenzhen on November 20. The distribution station looks like a Rubik's cube, can be integrated into the urban landscape, and is known as the "electric Rubik's cube".

According to reports, the power distribution station is located in Wanfeng Village, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City. after it is put into operation, the power supply capacity per unit building area in the northern part of Wanfeng Village reaches 43 watts per square meter, which is higher than the power supply standard of "Garden District". It is expected to meet the load growth demand in the next 10 years.

Southern Power Grid said that for a long time, power supply in urban villages has been faced with problems such as overloading of equipment, dilapidated and messy lines, and high security risks, and there are also pain points in the transformation process, such as long construction cycle, long-term impact, and uncontrollable quality. The Shenzhen Power supply Bureau of Southern Power Grid implemented the requirements of the Shenzhen Municipal Government to complete the special renovation requirements for the power supply and use safety of 150 urban villages throughout the year, and developed the "Power Rubik's Cube".

The so-called "fully preinstalled near-zero-carbon distribution power station" is a "through-train" product that completes standardized prefabricated production and integrated assembly of prefabricated cabins, standardized equipment, zero-carbon equipment and intelligent sensors in the factory, and finally delivers a complete set of products in the whole station.

"at the construction site, the staff completed the infrastructure construction of the distribution station in 5 days, completed the modular hoisting and assembly in 1 day, completed the equipment commissioning in 1 day, and completed a substation in 7 days. Compared with the traditional electric room construction period, the construction period is shortened by 86%, and the transformation from 'building' a power distribution station to 'buying' a distribution station is really realized." Ma Weizhe, deputy general manager of the Engineering Department of Shenzhen Power supply Bureau of Southern Power Grid, said.

This mode avoids the impact of dust, noise and enclosed land occupation on the normal life of citizens during the long-term construction of the traditional distribution station. The service life is more than 50 years, and the whole station can be demolished and relocated in the future. In addition, the station uses cellular noise barrier, shock and noise reduction technology and energy-efficient ultra-quiet transformer, which basically eliminates the impact of noise on residents during operation.

In the appearance design, the "electric Rubik's cube" is flexible and can be tailored to local conditions according to needs, so as to fit in with the urban environment and natural landscape.

"aiming at the scenes of urban trunk roads, urban villages, industrial parks and parks, we have designed four appearance theme schemes: 'heart of the South Network', 'Love of the South Network', 'Star of Science and Technology' and 'Song of the Mountain Forest'. In the near future, we will land in Baoan, Longhua and Nanshan in Shenzhen one after another." Luo Jinge, a technical expert in the Engineering Department of Shenzhen Power supply Bureau of Southern Power Grid, said. noted that two new generation electric vehicles two-way DC charging and discharge piles (V2G charging piles) have also been installed next to the distribution station, where residents can experience vehicle-network interaction. On the matching "easy charging" App, the electric vehicle with "orderly charging" is selected to participate in orderly charging, and the charging cost per kilowatt-hour can be saved by 0.6 yuan per kilowatt-hour, while the electric vehicle with "V2G charging" can get 2 yuan compensation per kilowatt-hour after participating in reverse discharge.

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