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Sonos is expected to launch an integrated set-top box next year: integrated speakers and positioning "home theater system"

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Shulou( Report--, November 22 (Xinhua)-- CEO Patrick Spence of speaker maker Sonos has previously hinted that there will be a "major event" for the company in 2024, claiming that "some important new product will appear on the roadmap later next year." has previously reported that Sonos is likely to launch a range of headphones next year, mainly for individual consumers. According to foreign media The Verge, in addition to headphones, Sonos is also expected to launch a set-top box with integrated speaker units next year and the year after next, positioning "home theater."

It is reported that Sonos previously published a series of job information about the "home theater operating system", thus conveying the company's interest in TV boxes.

The device is described as a small black box that will integrate the speaker unit system, in which "voice control" is expected to play a prominent role in related devices, and Sonos is said to have discussed with streaming service providers such as Netflix to develop App programs for the platform.

Sonos has had a bad year, with consumer demand for its products falling sharply, leading Sonos to lay off 7 per cent of its staff in June, and Sonos now plans to generate revenue from more markets by creating new product categories.

Related reading: "to mark Apple's AirPods Max, Gurman said Sonos will launch new headsets as soon as March next year."

Speaker manufacturer Sonos has hinted that it will launch an "important product line" next year, which is expected to be a series of headphones.

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