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148RMB, Procreate Dreams official launch: suitable for all iPadOS 16.3 and above Apple models

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Shulou( Report-- November 22 news, the new 2D animation software Procreate Dreams has been officially released, suitable for all iPadOS 16.3 and above system models, can now go to App Store to buy and use, of which the United States $19.99, the national area 148 yuan.

Procreate Dreams is a brand new animation application with "powerful animation tools" that can be designed for everyone and suitable for everyone to use.

The App also supports advanced keyframes, touch flow and easy frame-by-frame editing to create 2D animations, expressive videos and "exciting" stories, with a variety of Procreate brushes, huge canvases and "too many to run out of" layers. with official introduction:

The beloved Procreate development team solemnly announces Procreate Dreams, the most anticipated 2D animation software on iPad.

From small video, MG to professional animation, video editing, add special effects and dubbing, use Procreate Dreams to realize your animation dream. Procreate's next-generation painting and compositing engine is fast and powerful, combining drawing tools with multi-touch timelines and fully controlling the animation flow with the most intuitive gestures. Now, anyone can do animation.

Characteristic function

Performance record

O record actions and special effects in real time with feeling, and automatically generate keyframes.

O record the movement synchronously with the track, and the rhythm of the action is controlled by you.

Procreate series drawing tools are equipped with a new painting engine.

O more than 100 Procreate come with brushes, and support to import more brushes, animate and draw touching strokes.

O essential digital drawing tools: brush, eraser and smear, layer and mask functions

Multi-touch timeline

O combined with intuitive gestures, you can quickly manipulate audio and video tracks and animation frames.

O minimizable, draw with full-screen canvas and navigate by hand.

Real-time rendering: drawing and editing on video, no longer have to wait

Undo operation history and uninterrupted automatic save

O undo and redo operations at any time to allow you to create boldly

O automatically save files and no longer have to worry about losing your work

A groundbreaking timeline

Smooth gestures help you navigate the timeline

Playback pointer: mouse, Keyframe editing, playback pointer in one

Timeline editing: batch select and edit multiple tracks and content at a time

Playback to the screen: what is seen on the screen is what is played, and there is no need to set the starting point and end point.

Add color highlights to make the timeline clear, bright and organized

Create layer masks and clip masks

New Procreate drawing experience

Comes with more than 100 Procreate exquisite brushes, and can import homemade and more brushes

The brush group helps you categorize paintings, sketches, and painted brushes

Easy trackless import of Procreate works, with layers and animation canvas

Complete layer management system, and endless number of layers

Color panel, multiple color selection modes and opacity, color adjustment functions

Real-time motion and filter

It is easy to add and subtract dynamic and real-time effect keyframes, and it is easy to make animation.

Seamless keyframes, adding blur, blend mode, noise effects, and HSB

Scale, rotate or move and deform, as well as advanced animation ease

Edit Keyframe slows to create the smoothest dynamics

Embed text for video, as well as text, font, editing and design functions

New and powerful animation technology

The next generation of painting and synthesis engine

Real-time rendering: drawing and editing on video, no longer have to wait

Seamless blending of illustrations, frame-by-frame animation, keyframes, video editing and compositing

Layering for high quality video formats such as ProRes

Professional 2D frame-by-frame animation

Hand-flipping: full-screen animation of turning the page on canvas

Customize onion skin color, quantity, and opacity

Simply set the hold frame and control the rhythm

Support animation to assist canvas, integrate with Procreate animation to add sound and video

Dominate the stage

Super resolution stage and backstage, the details are in your hands.

Background: remove the foreground, background, and objects from view and wait for their shining moment

Use the most familiar Procreate painting experience and gesture control to feel the most innovative animation flow

Fit alignment function to make dynamics more accurate

Future file formats

Large files are ready to use, and creativity doesn't have to wait.

No need to wait for loading or saving

ICloud synchronization allows you to easily manage files and back up seamlessly

Undo the history to retain your operation and edit it at any time

Import and share your work

Import video and photo formats such as JPG, PNG, TGA, Procreate, MP4, GIF and ProRes

Import MP3, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, AAC, CAFF, M4A, MP1, MP2 and other audio formats

Share your .videos file and its audio and video

Easily export the current frame with transparency

Share your MP4 with the world

Professional output, exporting PNG sequences with transparency

Welcome to Procreate Dreams, a new animator App that gives you everything you need to create rich 2D animations, expressive videos and amazing stories.

A newly created timeline

The Procreate Dreams timeline is designed for animation. For the first time in history, creators can seamlessly mix paintings, illustrations, keyframes, video editing and compositing, all of which can be achieved through smooth gestures, allowing artists to focus on creation.

A new drawing experience

Allows people to enjoy hundreds of amazing Procreate brushes in the newly upgraded painting engine, while having a larger canvas. Set the timeline aside to make more room for drawing on a hand-flipped book.

Designed for iPad and Apple Pencil

Procreate Dreams, created by leading iPad application developers, once again provides the best experience through touch and Apple Pencil creation. You can experience natural and sensitive drawing functions, powerful timeline editing and other functions.

Now, anyone can animate.

The performance record is designed for novice and experienced professionals and will change the way you make animation forever. Animate with touch and interact immediately as the movie plays, eliminating the need to set complex keyframes and paths. With the actual record of the performance, you just need to follow your feelings.

Real-time rendering

You don't have to wait to play anymore. From the first time you drag the preview on the Timeline, you can feel different. You can play it in real time while editing, allowing you to free up more time for creation.

Play pointer

The playback pointer is not just a needle, it also brings an epoch-making animation experience to Procreate Dreams. You can dance freely on the timeline, add precise actions, and bounce your fingers back to play the movie from the beginning immediately.

Key frame

Quickly set the start and end of the action. Use beautiful, simplified keyframes so that the Timeline is no longer messy, or tap keyframes to release their full functionality and edit each attribute precisely. Each time you can choose the right ease to optimize the transition effect.

Real-time motion and filter

After adding keyframes, you can still edit them completely. Creative people can have comprehensive creative control over color changes, blur adjustments, motion adjustments and filter effects without permanently changing the content.

Timeline editin

Using Apple Pencil to draw on the Timeline, you can quickly select content, tracks, or keyframes, and then edit them all at once. Group drawing, moving tracks, retiming content, adjusting keyframes, and so on. This is much faster than editing with a mouse and keyboard.

Onion skin

No matter which part of the creative process, you can easily activate the onion skin at any time, and you can customize the color and opacity of the front and rear frames through the option.

Audio and video

Import gorgeous ProRes video material, up to 4K. Easily crop, cut, pan, and zoom high-resolution video in post-production. Bring the character to life through dubbing, add ambient music, and complete the project with perfect sound effects.

Text and typesetting

Use real-time dynamics and filters to add titles, titles, and animation notes. Import custom fonts and adjust fonts to design the most appropriate style for your movie.

Future file format

The new Procreate file format is available at any time without loading, saving, or exporting time. Designed for iCloud synchronization, easy file management and backup. Undo history will now be saved in a file, allowing you to experiment and play boldly without the risk of losing your work.

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