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Jibang Consulting estimates that shipments of mobile camera modules will decrease by 8.9% this year compared with the same period last year, and manufacturers pay more attention to upgrading the main camera and enhancing the AI algorithm.

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Shulou( Report--, November 22, according to the latest report released by Jibang Consulting, due to the decline in global smartphone production and the strategy adjustment of brand manufacturers, it is estimated that global smartphone camera module shipments in 2023 will be 4.065 billion, a decline of 8.9%.

Jibang Consulting believes that smartphone camera modules are expected to grow again next year, with an estimated shipment of 4.171 billion units next year, an increase of 3% over the same period last year.

Jibang Consulting observation data show that brand manufacturers prefer to upgrade the main camera rather than expand the number of cameras, especially on middle and low-end mobile phones.

Samsung, for example, upgraded the main camera of its entry-level model to 5000 megapixels, while the number of cameras in the mid-range model dropped from four to three.

In addition to Samsung, companies such as OPPO, vivo, Glory and Voice have adopted similar strategies.

Jibang Consulting believes that the brand factory to adjust the number of mobile camera modules depends on the mainstream preferences of the consumer market. Take Apple as an example, due to the obvious hardware upgrade of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max for consumers' most concerned camera module in 2023, it was equipped with an exclusive Tetraprism telephoto lens module for the first time to achieve 5x optical zoom, significantly increasing consumers' willingness to buy, and it is expected that other brands will follow suit to upgrade mobile camera modules.

As the development trend of smart phones is light and thin, and the space inside the body is limited, brand manufacturers can not directly carry thick mirror sets with better physical and optical properties and larger photosensitive elements on the phone.

Ji Bang Consulting said that at present, major manufacturers have added the AI algorithm, and through AI enhanced Cognitive ISP (cognitive ISP) image signal processing technology, you can perform semantic segmentation (Semantic segmentation) for the picture in real time. By identifying each object in the frame (face, hair, glasses or objects) and optimizing them individually, you can improve the quality of the photos.

The original address of the Jibang consultation report is attached to, which can be read in depth by interested users.

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