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Kodak launches retro Super 8 film camera: recharged with Micro USB, priced at $5495

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Thank netizens and independent photographers for their clue delivery!, November 23 (Xinhua) Kodak announced the new Super 8 film camera at the 2016 CES Show, which combines the traditional film format and digital life experience, bringing a retro and modern collision experience.

Kodak has not publicly promoted the product in the past few years, and many users and media who follow it think it is just a demonstration sample.

However, Kodak abruptly announced on Tuesday that it would accept a pre-order for the Super 8 film camera with a suggested retail price of $5495 ( Note: about 39234 yuan currently) and using the Micro USB port to recharge.

Kodak made a trailer at CES 2016, showed it publicly at CES 2017, and shared some videos shot with it at CES 2018.

This is a new type of camera for the 1965 movie format. The new camera has a 4-inch LCD viewfinder, the ability to shoot movies in 16:9 format, interchangeable lenses, and the ability to monitor and record synchronized audio to a SD card. Because of these characteristics, it is called "analog-digital hybrid".

Second-hand vintage Super 8 cameras cost only a few hundred dollars. Super 8 film is considered relatively affordable, but film photography is still an expensive hobby: a Super 8 film can shoot video at the speed of 24fps for about two and a half minutes, costing about $35.

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